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Who We Are

Mattias Fröbrant

Founder – CEO – Writer – Fact Checker – Researcher

Profile picture Mattias

Born in Sweden and a globetrotter by nature, Mattias now calls Malta—the pulsing heart of iGaming—his home. He entered the industry in 2015, starting as a customer service representative at Betsson, a powerhouse in Europe’s casino and sports betting scene.

Mattias quickly found his niche in content writing after exploring different roles, which inspired him to launch his first websites filled with his iGaming insights. His fascination with Indian lotteries has driven him to launch OnlineLottoBaba—our lottery site comparer for the country's lotto enthusiasts.

A go-getter, Mattias thrives on relentless self-improvement. Candid to the core, he welcomes even the sternest feedback, viewing it as a stepping stone to personal and professional growth. He's not shy about speaking his mind and facing challenges head-on.

Outside of work, Mattias is a devoted cat dad who enjoys spending time with his feline babies. He cares deeply about the environment and people's well-being. Despite his success in marketing, he is against deceptive advertising and does his level best to fight the spread of misinformation that's rampant in the online space today.

Jonas Stenmark

Founder – Head of SEO – Web Designer – Strategist

Profile picture Jonas

A longtime friend of Mattias, Jonas, is another country-hopping Swede now based in Ireland, but already plotting his next pit stop. The two met years ago, bonded over their shared love for iGaming, and decided to channel their passions into creating our websites. OnlineLottoBaba is his brainchild, too, and joint labor of love.

Jonas has found his true calling in SEO, a skill that perfectly complements Mattias' knack for content. It's fun to watch the duo bicker their way to the top of search engine rankings. Not content to stop there, Jonas has even started exploring web design, eager to master another aspect of the digital domain. His contributions are a big reason our sites stand out.

The dynamic between Jonas and Mattias is unique: The former prefers the carrot while the latter prefers the stick. Yet, this contrast makes them an unstoppable force in managing their agency and expanding their digital footprint globally.

Lesser-known tidbits about Jonas include his obsession with Nerf guns and his aversion to flying—a surprising quirk for someone who frequently changes countries. But for him, each move is a step toward his ideal of utopia. When he’s not busy with work, Jonas loves unwinding with his wife and three children, cherishing family time, fika style.

Chayanika Deka

Head of Content – Editor – Researcher – Strategist

Profile picture Maya

While Mattias and Jonas embrace a nomadic lifestyle, Chayanika is anchored firmly in India. Yet, her roots haven't limited her horizon; quite the opposite. Chayanika has a global curiosity, which led her into the world of iGaming back in 2018.

Initially trained in the sciences, Chayanika discovered her passion for content writing—a talent that eventually guided her to casinos, sportsbooks, and lotteries. She is also a brutal editor and has recently dipped her toes into the complexities of SEO, which makes her part Mattias and part Jonas by profession.

Chayanika's knack for uncovering overlooked topics has positioned her as the research powerhouse behind OnlineLottoBaba. She digs deep, consulting lotto experts and connecting with knowledgeable locals to ensure our content is not only thorough but also authentic—often setting trends that others scramble to mimic.

As the head of our content department, Chayanika is not just a manager but a mentor, shaping her team to produce content that's engaging and reliable. Beyond content and iGaming, she dreams of a life surrounded by wagging tails.

Chayanika plans to adopt and provide for as many dogs as possible, aiming to one day open a sanctuary for her canine companions. When the need for a break from work arises, she often escapes to Goa, India's casino capital, where the beach meets the baccarat table.

Adrian Estremos

Technical SEO – Data Manager – QA Expert

Profile picture Adrian

Adrian from the Philippines brings to the table all his Filipino values—hard work, positivity, flexibility, and most importantly, pakikisama—a deep-rooted spirit of camaraderie and getting along. He's the steadfast pillar of support at OnlineLottoBaba, the go-to person who never lets anyone down.

A master hand at technical SEO, Adrian works hand-in-glove with Jonas, ensuring our content is discoverable by our audience. Beyond boosting our online presence, he meticulously manages our data—uploading, quality-checking, and fine-tuning content to perfection.

Adrian shares a love for dogs with Chaya, though he's already living the dream she envisions. A proud owner of a lively pack, his life buzzes with the joy that only canine companions can bring. His soft-spoken nature makes him the gentleman of our team, always ready to lend a hand or a listening ear.

Family is his anchor. No matter how busy life gets, he carves out time for his loved ones, embodying the Filipino ethos that family comes first. This balance of professional dedication and personal warmth makes him not just a valuable team member, but a cherished friend.

In the whirlwind of cutthroat competition and technical challenges, Adrian remains our island of calm. Whether it's a technical snag or a personal setback, he's the person we all turn to, confident in the knowledge that no problem is too big when he is part of the solution.

Akinleye (E.) Afolabi

Writer – Researcher

Profile picture Akinleye

Hailing from Nigeria, Akinleye is a seasoned iGaming writer with a curious soul. His interest in the global industry's potential has led him to OnlineLottoBaba. Despite being new to the lottery in India, his fast-learning skills have gifted us the assets we needed.

Akinleye's forte lies in his legal background, which helps him tackle tricky lottery laws effortlessly. A master of clear writing, he simplifies legal jargon with ease, teaming up with Chayanika to produce concise yet detailed write-ups.

Like Mattias, he embraces feedback as a catalyst for growth and faces challenges head-on. In his world, anything less than wholehearted effort is a disservice. His dedication to continuous improvement inspires and motivates the rest of us.

Beyond work, Akinleye's commitment to community engagement shines. He volunteers, mentors, and teaches children on weekends, finding joy in their newfound knowledge. He also enjoys tennis, seeing it as a holistic exercise that enhances agility, speed, coordination, and strategic thinking.

Oke Ejiro Wilson

Writer – Researcher

Profile picture Oke Ejiro

Another teammate from Nigeria, Ejiro kicked off his iGaming adventure back in 2019. He started by writing casino reviews for North American affiliate sites. But that was just the beginning. As time rolled on, he broadened his horizons, dabbling in slots, game providers, and crash games.

Much like his colleague Akinleye, Ejiro's a curious cat with a thirst for knowledge. OnlineLottoBaba is his latest muse–his gateway to exploring India's lottery world. Together with Chayanika, he breaks complex iGaming stuff into plain English, making his articles a breeze to read.

Ejiro's interests aren't confined to iGaming alone. He's also well-versed in cryptocurrency, technology, fitness, and sports. When he's not busy crafting killer content, you might catch him sharing his wisdom as a public speaker.

And oh, don't get him started on football–he's a die-hard Arsenal fan. Plus, he's a history buff who's always eager to soak up new cultures. With Ejiro on board, our team thrives, guided by his expertise, passion, and unwavering dedication.

Why OLB Exists

We're not going to beat around the bush. One reason is, of course, money! We've all gotta pay the bills. But being able to make a living while working from home, setting our own schedules, and calling the shots? That's the dream.

There’s more to it than just the cash.

For starters, we're all crazy about gambling, including lotteries. We see it as more than just a hobby—it's a chance to connect with folks who share our passion and help them learn a thing or two about the world of online lottery in India.

We understand the choice of local lotteries in the country is limited. With only 13 Indian states allowing government lotteries and the rest banning them, it's a bit of a gamble (pun intended). But thanks to the internet, Indians can now play lotteries from around the world without breaking a sweat.

This convenience is spot-on!

It not only puts lotteries at your fingertips but also opens the doors to bigger and better prizes that can be claimed hassle-free. You even get notified when you win. In the process, you can steer clear of petty local scams and even pick your own lucky numbers, something that isn't possible while playing Indian lotteries.

And that's where we come in.

We're here to spill the beans on the best international lottery sites out there. No need to go looking for them elsewhere; we do the homework for you. Whether you wish to play with a real ticket or indulge in lottery betting, our goal is to guide you to lottery sites best suited for diverse play-styles.

We stick to our review policy to dish out all the deets—good, bad, and everything in between—so you can make informed choices. If you stumble upon a site that blows your mind, that's our jackpot moment right there!

We're also about all things lottery-related. From learning the ropes to checking the latest results and understanding the odds, we've got your back.

Apart from vouching for the modern way of playing the lottery, we must also mention our green dreams. Part of our earnings goes towards environmental projects like The Ocean Cleanup because saving the planet is everyone's job, right?

The greater the power you have, the bigger the responsibility.

More Deets About OLB 


  • Launched in 2021
  • Started off as a team of two
  • Stemmed from a shared passion for lotteries
  • Inspired by the growing concerns surrounding misinformation
Onlinelottobaba history


Onlinelottobaba vision banner
  • Be a reliable source of information amid misinformation
  • Empower lotto players with credible knowledge
  • Enable easy access to accurate and verifiable information
  • Foster a culture of critical thinking and informed decision-making
  • Positively impact how people perceive online lotteries in general
  • Set new standards for authenticity in delivering lottery content

Core Values

  • Commitment to honesty and transparency
  • Objective analysis and unbiased reviews
  • Accuracy and credibility in content delivery
  • Audience-first mindset
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
Onlinelottobaba Core Values

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