New Lottery Alert: EuroDreams Promises €20,000 Every Month for 30 Years, Tax-Free!

Prepare for the excitement surrounding EuroDreams, the newest entrant in European lotteries! Officially unveiled on Friday, October 20, 2023, this groundbreaking game offers participants a chance at an impressive €20,000 (approximately ₹18 lakhs) every month for 30 years!

The anticipation began building with ticket sales going live on Thursday, October 30, 2023, leading up to the eagerly awaited inaugural draw on November 6th. Priced at €2.50 (approximately ₹280) per line and featuring bi-weekly draws, EuroDreams is leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of lotteries in Europe.

EuroDreams Unveiled: Launch and Reception

Conceived by the National Lottery, the EuroDreams lottery brings innovation amid the conventions of luck-based games. Participants are required to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 40, and an additional Dream number from a pool of 5.

The draws, conducted electronically, reveal their outcomes through 3D-animated videos every Monday and Thursday (Paris CET), which is Tuesdays and Fridays in India.

This one-of-its-kind annuity game is a collaborative effort involving eight European countries within the EuroMillions consortium – namely, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Switzerland.

This collective endeavor signifies a significant milestone, unfolding nearly two decades after the inception of the EuroMillions lottery on February 7, 2004. Unsurprisingly, the official launch of EuroDreams has sparked widespread anticipation and excitement throughout Europe, particularly resonating within the participating countries.

Financial Security for Winners

As eager players queue up for a chance at the life-changing monthly jackpot, EuroDreams stands as a beacon of commitment to providing winners with a robust financial safety net.

What sets this lottery apart is its promise of fixed monthly payouts. It features a jackpot of €7.2 million (approximately ₹64.64 crores) distributed in tax-free installments of €20,000 per month, spanning a generous 30-year period.

Despite the slim odds, resting at 1 in 19 million, EuroDreams guarantees fortunate winners a life marked by financial security and abundance. Even those who fall short of the jackpot have cause for celebration.

The second category of winners is awarded an annuity of €2,000 (approximately ₹1.8 lakhs) per month for 5 years. However, there's a twist to the plot – only 3 winners can claim the coveted €7.2 million jackpot, and only 12 can secure the second prize.

To keep things fair, if multiple players win the jackpot and second prize, EuroDreams ensures equal division of the prize money among them. Moreover, in the event of a winner's untimely demise, the winnings seamlessly pass on to their heirs, creating a legacy of enduring success.

This thoughtful approach underscores EuroDreams' commitment not just to chance and fortune but to ensuring an equitable and lasting impact on the lives of its players and winners.

Keeping Addiction At Bay

EuroDreams prioritizes responsible gaming, actively steering clear of encouraging addictive behavior among players. Unlike lotteries that offer instant prizes, EuroDreams takes a measured approach, providing a monthly installment spread over several years.

André Moz Caldas, the Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the Portuguese Republic, talks about a crucial aspect. He emphasizes that EuroDreams does not have a specific target for younger populations, aiming deliberately to negate potential adverse effects on social behavior.

In doing so, EuroDreams not only sets itself apart as a mindful gaming experience but also aims to foster a positive and responsible impact on its diverse player base.

The Talk of the Town

Jannie Haek, CEO of the National Lottery of Belgium, has expressed pride in being part of EuroDreams, complementing their portfolio alongside EuroMillions.

Meanwhile, Andrew Algeo, CEO of the National Lottery (Ireland), anticipates strong player reception, highlighting the appeal of winning a prize distributed in regular installments over the long term.

Algeo emphasizes the National Lottery's commitment to evolving game offerings to captivate players, ensuring the sustainability of the National Lottery and its support to community causes.

In Conclusion

EuroDreams has emerged as a game-changer in the European lottery scene, offering a novel and potentially life-altering experience for its participants.

With its ambitious promise of €20,000 monthly payouts for 30 years, this lottery is sure to carve a niche in the hearts and minds of players across the continent, setting the stage for a new era in pan-European lottery gaming.

The good news is that Indian lotto players can now enter the official draw via various international online lottery sites. Simply take your pick and try your luck!

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