Play Free Online Lottery for Real Money in India

Every lotto player who wishes to play free online lottery in India must have Googled their options at least once. Unfortunately, the web is full of scams and rogue sites monetizing this very wish.

Online lotteries that are genuinely free are a rare find. Genuinely free online lotteries that let you win real money are even rarer. But if you are clever enough, you can surely play even the most expensive lottery without having to pay a single dime.

This article is dedicated to all those Indian players who are willing to apply every trick in the book to play the lottery online and win real money for free. Let’s crush this!


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Get a Free Lottery Ticket Online at These Top 3 Sites 

Almost all international lotteries need players to pay up to participate. Exceptions to this rule are next to zero (but not entirely absent – a topic we will discuss later in this article).

However, if you notice, most lottery sites offer some kind of welcome bonus or the other to new players. One such bonus comes in the form of free ticket(s) to a specific lottery.

This free ticket can either be handed out for just creating an account with the lottery site (rare) or as an extra entry when you buy your first ticket (more common). 

There are also sites that match your first deposit with extra money that can be used to buy tickets, which basically means, the more you deposit, the more free tickets you will get. 

Wondering which lotto sites hand out free tickets? Here are the top three choices that cover all of the above options:

  1. Lottofy – free ticket to any lottery just for signing up for an account
  2. Lottoland – free ticket to US Powerball on first purchase
  3. Lotto247 – free tickets on first deposit in the form of extra money 

Free Lottery Games for Indian Players in 2023

If you go by the trick we just discussed, you can play several international lottery games for free from India. We have listed the most popular lotteries below.

Please note that none of these lotteries should be mistaken for free lotteries in the literal sense of the term. You can only play them for free by using welcome bonuses as mentioned in the previous topic. 

Can I Find a Genuine Free Online Lottery in India?

The only genuine, free online lotteries in India are the daily and weekly draws conducted by the organizers of EuroMillions.

These are the only legal lottery draws that regularly let you take part without spending any money whatsoever and yet win real money. All you need to do is sign up for free, select 6 numbers between 1 and 75 (true for both games), sit back, and let the draw happen.

The daily draw takes place at 7.30 pm UK time (cut-off for entries is 5.30 pm) and offers a jackpot of £500. The weekly draw happens every Monday at 2 pm UK time (cut-off time for entries is 12 pm) and offers a jackpot of £10,000.

To participate in one weekly draw, players must first participate in at least three daily draws in a week. To enable fair play, the organizers make sure no player can create more than one account. If no one hits the jackpot, no prizes are awarded for the draws.

Overall, there’s nothing to lose. It’s a win-win.

Can I Play the Government Lottery in India for Free?

No. No Government lottery in India is available for free play. In fact, no Indian State lottery is available online. To participate, you must always buy paper tickets from authorized sellers in person.

Is There Any Free Lottery App?

There is no legit app or mobile site specifically designed for free lotteries. However, all the lottery sites mentioned on this page come with a free-to-download app or mobile site using which, you can avail yourself of the same offers and bonuses.

In short, if a certain site offers free tickets to X lottery for playing Y lottery, you will always get the same bonus on the app, too. For your convenience, we have listed below the top 3 online lottery sites that offer a mobile app as well as free tickets:

  • Lottofy – Mobile app to Android & iOS, free ticket on signup
  • Lottoland – Mobile app to Android, free ticket on first purchase
  • LottoAgent – Mobile app to Android, free ticket on first purchase

Is Online Free Lottery in India Legal?

Yes, mostly. Overall, it is not illegal to play international online lotteries in India regardless of them being free or otherwise. However, certain States such as West Bengal have specifically banned online lotteries from other countries, which could make them illegal.

Yet, some of the biggest lottery winners belong to these very States. Long story short, playing an online free lottery in India can be considered legal and safe.

Read more here: Is Online Lottery Legal in India?

How Else to Play Online Lottery in India for Free?

Apart from grabbing a free ticket as the welcome bonus on lottery sites, you can also play online lottery in India for free in the following 8 ways:

1. Play Lotteries That Pay You Back When You DON’T Win

Some lotto sites and lottery organizers pay back the money you invested for matching exactly zero numbers and losing. This is akin to playing the lottery for free because you often get back whatever you put in, if not anything more.

Examples of such lotteries are the EuroMillions GO! and EuroJackpot Go! lotteries that are exclusive to Lottoland. They are based on the original EuroMillions and EuroJackpot lotteries but run every hour. Tickets cost a lot more than that of the official draws. However, if you lose by matching 0 numbers, you get a full refund. Do note that 1 match would earn you no prize at all.

To play EuroMillions GO! and EuroJackpot GO! check the links below.

2. Subscribe to Win Free Tickets Every Now and Then

Sign up for subscriptions if you are running out of free ticket bonuses to claim on lottery sites. You can not only customize and automate your entries into future drawings but most sites also give you discounts as well as free tickets every now and then.

TheLotter is one such site that offers a subscription deal where the 7th entry is free. Try it already! There are no strings attached because you can pause, resume, or unsubscribe whenever you want!

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3. Buy Tickets at a Discounted Price

Discounted tickets are your next best bet when you can’t find free tickets anywhere. Wondering how? Allow us to explain.

Let’s say you usually spend ₹200 on a single ticket to X lottery. Now, at 25% discount, this ticket will cost ₹150. If you buy four of these tickets, you would end up spending ₹600. This is like buying four tickets for the general cost of three; you pay for three and get the other one for free.

If you are looking for easy discounts on your online lottery tickets, there is one site that stands above the rest. Check it out below!

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4. Find Sites That Offer Free Cash for Writing Reviews

When you can’t win a free ticket, try winning free cash which you can use to buy one. Certain lottery sites reward players with cash when they write reviews or rate them on portals such as Trustpilot. This is part of their strategy for word-of-mouth marketing and benefits both parties.

For instance, LottoAgent offers a $5.29 (₹400) cash prize to users who review them on Trustpilot. Now, the price of a single US Powerball line on the site is $5.29, too. Long story short, sign-up, write a review, win a free ticket!

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5. Look Out for Referral Bonuses

Invite your friends and family to join lottery sites not only because you don’t want to play the lottery online alone, but also because you could win a referral bonus. Most such bonuses can be redeemed to buy more lottery tickets.

In other words, you are asking the lottery sites to pay for your next ticket in exchange for good word-of-mouth marketing. Check out this lotto site that offers referral bonuses to all existing players:

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6. Wait for Seasonal Bonuses to Drop

Most lottery sites hand out promotional offers and bonuses on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Diwali, and Holi. If you are quick on the uptake, you would surely find a free lotto ticket or two.

7. Hope to Receive Promocodes

Some lottery sites believe in maintaining a healthy relationship with their players so strongly that they send promotional codes in their emails from time to time, regardless of the occasion. Sign up with such sites and redeem these promocodes, because who knows there might be a free ticket in store for you!

8. Join Contests

Lottery contests amp up the excitement of trying your luck. The fun gets doubled when they bring along bonuses, discounts, and free tickets. While rare, keep an eye on such contests to never miss out on a golden opportunity. 

Is the Dubai Duty-Free Lottery Free?

The Dubai duty-free lottery is simply a lottery that doesn’t attract duty tax. You can purchase tickets without paying import, sales, value-added, or other similar taxes. However, to participate, you must always buy your entry. This is not a free lottery.

Which Free Lotteries to Avoid Playing in India?

When playing lotteries for free in India, remember to…

  • Never buy tickets to free lotteries that are not legit.
  • Never register with free lottery sites where you smell a scam.
  • Never accept winnings to free lottery draws in which you never participated.

Several sites on the web claim they offer 100% free entry into certain lottery draws. There are three ways to find out if they are legit.

Firstly, check if they are licensed and regulated by an international regulatory authority. Don’t just take their word for it. Get in touch with the regulators to find out if what they claim is true.

Secondly, check the lotteries they offer. Are they legal? Has their authenticity been confirmed by third-party sites? If not, abort the mission. For players in India, the Bhagyalakshmi lottery (aka The Asian Lottery) is one such fake site. Neither the site nor its lotteries are genuine.

Thirdly, steer clear of sites where you need to fill up long registration forms that include your banking details. They are only looking for your email id to send scam emails claiming you’ve won big in some lottery somewhere.

You must also avoid registering with free lottery sites that offer a daily and weekly draw where the jackpots are £500 (₹ 51,000) and £10,000 (₹102,000) respectively. Those are the EuroMillions free lotteries we discussed earlier in this article. While the draws are legit, the sites aren’t (only the official EuroMillion site, of course).

Also, remember to report any email that talks about you winning a free lottery in which you didn’t participate. Do not entertain any request that requires you to claim the winnings. Such activities are part of larger scams and you definitely want to stay away from them.

Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch?

Free lottery is real. Winning real money off a free lottery ticket is real, too. However, you must have a watchful eye to never fall prey to scams. If taking risks isn’t your thing, depend on this guide to play your next free lottery draw online. The options are many!