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Like all other States that currently run a government lottery in India, the Assam State Lottery (also known as the Bodoland Lottery) conducts a paper lottery which you can play offline only. You need to buy physical paper tickets from authorized sellers because the sale of tickets online has not been legitimized yet.

For players who want to play lotteries online from Assam, international lotteries are the best bet. All you need to do is register with a genuine lottery site that accepts Indian players and pick a lottery game you think is worth playing. These sites support banking methods best suited for Indian players so you can buy a ticket online and withdraw your winnings easily.

This article discusses Assam’s Bodoland lotteries in detail, ways to purchase tickets, and its legal alternatives online. Let’s get started.

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An Overview of the Assam State Lottery (Bodoland Lottery)

The Government of Bodoland Territorial Council (Assam) runs 13 schemes – 10 Assam Series and 3 Special Series draws on a daily basis. Each of the 10 schemes under the Assam Series has 7 draws that happen once a week. 

The lists below show how the draws of the Assam State Lottery are conducted Monday through Sunday.

Assam Series

12 PM
5 PM
8 PM
3 PM
12 PM
12 PM
7 PM
7 PM
8 PM
8 PM

The cost of tickets to the Assam Series lottery draws vary from one scheme to the next. The costliest of the lot are the tickets to the Assam Future Series that are priced at ₹7 each. Those for Assam Thangam and Deer Series are priced at ₹6 each. The most affordable tickets are for Assam Singam, Kuil, Swarnalaxmi, Vishnu, Kumaran, Rosa, and Nallaneram, which are priced at ₹2 each.

Every scheme in the Assam Series offers 6 prize tiers, which do not include any consolation prize. The top prize is ₹1 lakh. The lowest you can win off a ticket to the Assam lottery Series is ₹50.

Special Series

The following three Special draws run Monday through Sunday at 3 PM.

  • Mani 
  • Vairam
  • Lion

Cost of tickets to these Special draws in Assam is just ₹2. Each scheme offers 4 prize tiers, which do not include a consolation prize. The maximum you can win off a ticket to a Special Series draw in Assam is ₹1 lakh and the minimum is ₹100.

International Lotteries – the Legal Online Alternatives

If Assam lotteries don’t excite you, try your luck in world lotteries instead. Find below a list of some of the best lotteries to play online.

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Record win: ₹2083 Crores
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Record win: ₹128 Crores
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Min jackpot: ₹17 Crores
Record win: ₹255 Crores
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More International Lotteries

How to Buy a Lottery Ticket in Assam?

Depending on how you want to play the lottery in Assam, there are two legal ways of buying a ticket – offline and online.


With the Assam Bodoland Lottery being a paper lottery, you can purchase tickets only offline. Head straight to your nearest ticket seller authorized by the State Government or visit the Lottery Department in Bodoland to make a direct purchase.

You must make the payment upfront to receive your ticket. Remember to decide beforehand which draw to enter and how many tickets to purchase. If you’re playing the lottery on a shoestring budget but still wish to improve your chances of winning, you might want to buy multiple tickets to the cheapest Assam lottery.

Once you buy a ticket, write down your name and full address on the backside immediately. This would ensure your ownership of the ticket and proof of purchase. Store it in a safe place until the draw is over and results are declared because if you win, you will have to submit your ticket intact.

Word of caution for those trying to play the Assam Bodoland Lottery online: Several third-party websites present themselves as authorized ticket sellers and ask for online payment in return for doorstep delivery of tickets. You need to understand that such practices are illegal as per the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.


Those wishing to buy lottery tickets online in Assam can try world lottos. Various lottery sites let you enter international draws from the comfort of your home.

You can opt for either a ticket messenger service that buys paper tickets on your behalf and sends you a scanned copy or a lottery betting site that lets you bet on the outcome of the lottery. Whatever you choose, you would always have the same odds of winning, the same prize tiers, and the same prize values.

To get started, just follow these 9 simple steps:

  • Register with a legit lottery site.
  • Choose the lottery you want to play.
  • Select the date of draw.
  • Pick the number of lines to enter.
  • Choose your lucky numbers.
  • Add the ticket(s) to the cart.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Make the payment online.
  • Receive a confirmation email or SMS.

Which Is Better: Assam Bodoland Lotteries or International Online Lotteries?

Assam Lotteries are government-backed, which assures players that the draws would be conducted as planned and prizes paid out to all winners. However, there are multiple disadvantages of playing the paper lottery in Assam, which puts them under the shadow of their superior peers – the world lotteries.

For instance, the inability to buy tickets to an Assam lottery online could easily leave players frustrated. We live in a digital world where shopping from where you are located is considered a major convenience. International lotteries take the cake here because they deliver players this very convenience!

Secondly, when you play the government lottery in Assam (and India), you must take up the responsibility to keep your ticket safe. You must mark your own proof of purchase and ownership by signing the ticket. If you happen to lose or damage your ticket, no winnings would be paid out if you win.

Online lotteries, on the other hand, are free from such hassles. You get either a digital copy emailed to you or an email confirming your purchase. The risk of deleting an email is lower than losing or mutilating a paper ticket. Even if you manage to do it, your account with the lottery site would still have details of the entry you purchased.

Furthermore, online lotteries let you pick your own numbers manually or via automation. This is a distant dream when it comes to Assam State Lotteries. You can only buy a ticket with pre-printed numbers and never pick any number for real. That’s simply boring vs. exciting.

Another advantage of playing world lotteries is the ease of claiming a prize. If you happen to win, you would be notified and paid out after completion of a simple verification process. The same cannot be said about the Govt Lottery in Assam. Claiming the prize is a long procedure that might eventually leave you dispirited.

You must submit a heap of documents duly signed by government officials, passport-size photographs, and the original winning ticket itself. Please also keep in mind that an absent or torn ticket would not fetch you the prize, even if you have all the documents ready.

The biggest advantage of world lotteries, however, is the size of the jackpots. These lotteries pay out bigger and better top prizes compared to the lotteries in Assam. Even if you win a prize in a lower tier, it would still be better than the top prizes in Assam lotto. Long story short, international lotteries are better than Assam lotteries. 

Bodoland Lottery Rules

Lotteries in Assam are conducted as per the Bodoland Territorial Council Lottery Rules 2007, which currently permits paper lotteries based on the pre-announcement of the following:

  • Name of the lottery draw and scheme
  • MRP of the ticket
  • Total tickets in print
  • Total cost of printed tickets
  • Information about authorized ticket sellers
  • Prize structure and prize value
  • Periodicity of draws
  • Location of draws
  • Process of payout of prizes

The State Lottery also follows the rules laid down in the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, which limits the minimum price of tickets to ₹2 and the minimum value of top prizes to ₹10K. The Lottery Department is responsible for the printing of tickets and verifying the authenticity of winning tickets before paying out prizes.

However, despite these strict measures, there have been numerous instances of players getting duped by unauthorized sellers selling fake tickets. This is a serious concern that has left many lotto players in Assam disheartened.

Luckily, some of them have now resorted to online lotteries that are safer and better. Have you?

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