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The Mizoram State Lottery is among the 13 government lotteries in India that are currently active. The only way to play it is to buy a paper ticket in person. In other words, you can't play the Mizoram Lottery online. However, you can play other online lotteries in Mizoram; so-called international lotteries. These are legal and better alternatives with bigger jackpots.

This article discusses the Government Lottery of Mizoram in detail, including the ongoing schemes, top prizes, ways to purchase tickets, as well as the best alternatives and top lottery sites to play them. Let’s get started.

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An Overview of the Mizoram Lottery

Under the administration of the Finance Department, Government of Mizoram, the Institutional Finance and State Lottery (IF&SL) currently runs 14 schemes on a weekly (5), monthly (8), and yearly (1) basis. The draws are conducted in the capital city of Aizawl as follows:

Weekly Draws

The following weekly lottery draws are conducted in Mizoram:

  • Rajshree Magic 50 – Monday (₹50 per ticket)
  • Rajshree Magic 100 – Wednesday (₹100 per ticket)
  • Rajshree Magic 50 Guru – Thursday (₹50 per ticket)
  • Rajshree Magic 30 – Saturday (₹30 per ticket)
  • Rajshree Magic 20 – Sunday (₹20 per ticket)

The draws are conducted on the aforementioned days at 5 PM. No weekly draw runs on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tickets are decently priced and correspond to the draw names. For instance, a ticket to Rajshree Magic 50 costs ₹50.

The prize tiers vary between 5 and 7 for the draws. Overall, the maximum you can win off a ticket to weekly government lottery draws in Mizoram is ₹5.75 lakhs and the minimum is ₹100.

Monthly Draws

The following monthly lottery draws are conducted in Mizoram:

  • Rajshree 250 – 1st Tuesday (₹250 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 500 – 2nd Tuesday (₹500 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 10 – 3rd Tuesday (₹10 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 20 – 4th Tuesday (₹20 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 25 – 1st Friday (₹25 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 50 – 2nd Friday (₹50 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 100 – 4th Friday (₹100 per ticket)
  • Rajshree 30 – 3rd Friday (₹30 per ticket)

All monthly draws are held at 5 PM with the exception of Rajshree 30, which is held at 8 PM. Tickets are priced according to the name of the draw. For instance, a ticket to Rajshree 10 costs ₹10.

Prize tiers for the monthly lottery schemes in Mizoram range from 6 to 9. You can win a maximum of ₹10 lakhs (which is also the top prize in Mizoram State Lotteries) and a minimum of  ₹100.

Yearly Draws

Only one yearly draw – Rajshree Basant Panchami – is conducted in Mizoram once during the month of Basant Panchami (January or February) at 2 PM. Each ticket costs ₹250. There are 8 prize tiers, including a consolation prize. The maximum prize is ₹10 lakhs and the minimum is ₹300.

International Online Lotteries – Alternatives to Mizoram State Lotto

If you are looking for alternatives to the Mizoram State Lotto, check out this list of top international lotteries, which you can play online:

Price per line: From ₹300
Min jackpot: ₹150 Crores
Record win: ₹16,500 Crores
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Record win: ₹1847 Crores
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Min jackpot: ₹9 Crores
Record win: ₹128 Crores
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Austria Lotto result
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Min jackpot: ₹17 Crores
Record win: ₹255 Crores
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More International Lotteries

How to Buy a Lottery Ticket in Mizoram?

You can buy a lottery ticket in Mizoram either offline (paper ticket) or online (digital ticket or entry). Let’s discuss this in detail.


Assuming you want to play the Mizoram State Lottery, you would need to buy physical paper tickets from the organizers or authorized ticket sellers. You can find a list of all approved dealers, vendors, and retailers on the official website.

To buy a paper lottery ticket in Mizoram, you need to visit the seller in person and pay upfront. There is no way to purchase tickets online.

Every now and then, you might come across third-party websites trying to pass themself off as ticket messenger service providers. However, such practices have been outlawed as per the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998.

After purchasing your paper ticket, remember to write your full name and address on the backside. This action will establish your ownership of the ticket and offer proof of purchase if you happen to win the lottery and decide to claim your prize.


Mizoram lotteries being unavailable online, you can only buy tickets to world lottos on the internet. These lotteries can be accessed by all players of the State. Tickets to them can be purchased via legit lottery sites.

Please remember that you can either buy an official ticket to world lottery draws or bet on the outcome. Certain online lottery sites act as ticket concierge service providers and purchase tickets on your behalf. Others simply act as lottery betting sites and match the prizes to those of the official draw via an insurance-based business model. Both options are valid.

Follow these 6 simple steps to buy a ticket to international lotteries from Mizoram:

  • Register with a legit lottery site we recommend.
  • Choose the international lottery you want to play.
  • Select the date of the draw, number of lines, and draws.
  • Add the ticket(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Use your preferred banking method to complete the payment.
  • Wait for an email notification confirming your purchase.

Which Is Better: Govt Lottery in Mizoram or International Lottery?

As discussed earlier, the Government Lottery in Mizoram is a paper lottery. It means you would have to buy a physical ticket in person to enter a draw. Tickets to international lotteries, on the other hand, are available online. Even if you reside in the remotest part of Mizoram, all you need is access to the internet to play them.

Yet again, digital tickets or entries come with another benefit. You don’t risk damaging or losing them. A paper ticket, on the other hand, could be easily mutilated or worse, lost. Imagine winning the lottery and not being able to claim the reward because your ticket isn’t intact.

Well, that’s a criterion for playing State Government lotteries. Thankfully, world lottos have digital tickets and emails as proof of purchase of entries.

Talking about winnings, it’s a long and often tedious procedure to claim the prize you won off a Government lottery in India. You would need to manually fill in a Claims Form (hard copy) and visit the concerned lottery department to submit it in person.

Along with it, you must attach your original winning ticket (assuming it’s intact and not lost), passport size photographs, and a host of other documents including proof of identity, proof of address, a copy of your PAN card, and even an affidavit signed by a notary officer.

As if this wasn’t enough, you must also claim your winnings within a stipulated time to avoid missing out on payment. After everything has been verified, you would be paid out in your bank account either by the organizers or the ticket seller.

There are multiple issues with this procedure. Firstly, payment is uncertain if you end up losing your winning ticket. Secondly, you might have to run from pillar to post to get a notary officer to sign your affidavit. Thirdly, what if you come to know about your win late and run out of time to claim your prize.

Such issues aren’t present in online lotteries. You play the lotto and get notified via email or phone call if you win. Winner verification is simple because all you need to do is send in the basic details of proof of identity and banking. Post verification, the money is paid out to you in your bank account or even e-Wallet depending on the size of the win. Less fuss, more fun.

Another advantage of playing international lotteries is the ability to pick your own lucky numbers. When you play State lotteries in Mizoram, you would have to bank on the pre-printed numbers on your ticket.

However, the biggest advantage of trying your luck in world lottos is the chance of winning big(ger). The top prize a Mizoram lottery ticket can fetch you is ₹10 lakh. But world lotteries pay out much bigger jackpots. For instance, $20 million is the minimum advertised jackpot in the US Powerball; it could roll over to become even bigger.

Yes, ticket prices of Mizoram lotteries are cheaper. But, most international lottery sites also facilitate syndicate betting. You can play in pools, share the cost of tickets, and increase your chances of winning. Even if you would need to share the prize, you could still win an amount bigger than what the State lotto has to offer.

In other words, playing international lotteries is better than playing Mizoram’s State Government lottery.

Mizoram Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2011

The Mizoram Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2011 follow the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 and Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2010. Accordingly, the State of Mizoram is free to organize a paper lottery, online lottery, or both.

The conduct of lotteries is subject to the pre-announcement of the following information from the State Government:

  • Name of the lottery draw and scheme
  • MRP of the ticket
  • Total number of tickets in print (for paper lotteries)
  • Total value of the tickets printed
  • All information about ticket distributors and selling agents
  • Prize structure of the draws
  • Value of the prizes
  • Periodicity of each draw
  • Location of the draws
  • Procedure of payout of the prizes

Additionally, the following rules need to be upheld:

  • Up to 24 draws, except bumper draws, shall be conducted in one day.
  • Up to 6 bumper draws shall be conducted in a calendar year.
  • Paper tickets shall be published only in Government Presses.
  • No lottery draw shall be conducted on 26th January (Republic Day), 15th August (Independence Day), and 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti).
  • No lottery draw shall be conducted after 10 PM on any other day.
  • The minimum cost per ticket shall not be less than ₹2.
  • The jackpot in any draw shall not be less than ₹10K.
  • Prizes shall not be paid out on the basis of single, double, or triple-digit winning numbers.
  • The draw location shall be within Mizoram.
  • The concerned Department shall decide the form, size, and design of tickets.
  • All printed tickets must bear the State logo, lottery name and serial number, date and time of the draw, the maximum retail price, and prize tiers of the ticket along with the signature of the Director.
  • Prizes of up to ₹10K shall be paid out by the ticket seller.
  • Prizes of more than ₹10K shall be paid out by the organizer.
  • Payment of winnings shall be subject to the successful submission of a duly filled Claims Form, the original winning ticket, three passport size photos, an affidavit of ownership of the ticket from any Magistrate.
  • Winners must submit the winning ticket along with 3 passport size photographs, an attested copy of proof of identity, a copy of PAN card, and an affidavit duly signed by the notary officer.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 60 days from the date of publishing the results.

Despite such strict measures, Mizoram isn’t free from lottery scammers who sell fake tickets. We say, why risk it when you can buy lottery tickets online? Try world lottos and who knows, you could be the next big international lottery winner from India!

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