Play Bhutan Lottery From India

If you want to play the Bhutan lottery from India this is the only guide you’ll ever need. We have covered everything you need to know about the lotto – from its origin to the schemes, prizes, prices of tickets, how to buy them, how to check results, and more.

What Is Bhutan State Lottery?

The Bhutan State lottery is organized in the Eastern Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. Initiated in 1987, it was the only government agency responsible for lottery in Bhutan and was generating over Nu 210 million every year. However, it was discontinued in 2011 due to various controversies surrounding the lottery business.

Nevertheless, after proper negotiations, it was officially relaunched as the Bhutan Lottery Limited (BLL) on 8 April 2016 by the then Prime Minister (Lyonchhen), Tshering Tobgay in the town of Phuentsholing.

On 3rd November 2016, Phuensum Dharim – the first-ever domestic monthly paper lottery was conducted. It was soon followed by the first-ever bumper lottery held on 17th December 2016 to celebrate the 109th National Day of Bhutan.

The BLL is currently managed as a State-owned enterprise in Bhutan under the country’s Ministry of Finance. The objective is to generate revenue for the government and improve the lives of the country’s residents.

Can You Play It From India?

Yes, you can play the Bhutan lottery from India. The two countries have entered an Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit in which Article 1 has included the sale of lottery tickets under the purview of ‘free trade and commerce.’

Interestingly, Bhutanese lotteries were banned nationwide in India in 2011 due to a series of irregularities in the conduction of the draws as well as appeals made by the Kerala State Government to the Central Government.

But in 2013, after the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) won the general elections in Bhutan, this discontinuity was taken into consideration, and talks were carried out with the Indian Government to resume the sale of tickets.

The Agreement on Trade, Commerce and Transit has now legalized the sale of Bhutanese lottery tickets in India as well as the sale of tickets to Indian Government lotteries in Bhutan (unless specifically banned by a State).

However, the legalization is still subject to the laws relevant to the territories of Bhutan and India. For instance, the sale of tickets to Bhutan State lotteries is legal in only those Indian States that run their own lotteries and/or permit the sale of lottery tickets from other States.

We must remember that under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998, the Central Government of India has given the individual States the power to conduct as well as ban lotteries – whether the schemes are their own or of a different State.

Accordingly, the lottery is legal in 13 Indian States and currently, none of them has banned out-of-state lotteries. In other words, you can play Bhutan lotto in the following States in India:

However, if you take into consideration the nationwide availability of tickets to the lottery in Bhutan, it could be a big disappointment. Please keep in mind that where no paper lotteries are available in a certain Indian State, you can always play international lotteries online.

Check out this guide to learn how to play the lottery from India.

How to Buy a Bhutan Lottery Ticket Online in India?

The Bhutan State lottery being a paper lottery, tickets can be purchased only offline. There is no legit website – government as well as third-party – that sells tickets online. To buy a Bhutan Lottery ticket, you have to head to a regional sales agent who has been authorized by the Government of Bhutan to sell tickets in India.

If you are not too keen on playing paper lotteries, you can always switch to international lotteries and buy tickets online. There are ample websites that offer entry into world lottos either by buying official tickets on your behalf or letting you bet on the possible results.

What Are the Active Schemes, Prize Structures, and Ticket Prices in 2024?

The BLL currently runs a total of 7 lottery schemes in Bhutan. In the upcoming sections, we have discussed each scheme in detail, including the prize structure and the price of tickets.

Super Saya Bumper

The Super Saya Bumper lottery (previously known as Serkha Bumper lottery) is a yearly draw in Bhutan where a total of 60K tickets are printed for sale. The tickets are numbered from 10000 to 29999 and segregated into 3 series – A, B, and C. The rate per ticket is Nu.300 (approximately ₹300).

The draw offers 9 prize tiers, which include 3 consolation prizes. The table below details all the prize tiers, the number of winners for each, as well as the prize amount.

Prize TierNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st1Nu.3,000,000 (₹30 lakhs)
Consolation 12Nu.30,000 (₹30K)
2nd1Nu.1,500,000 (₹30 lakhs)
Consolation 22Nu.15,000 (₹30K)
3rd1Nu.700,000 (₹7 lakhs)
Consolation 32Nu.7,500 (₹7.5K)
4th 3Nu.100,000 (₹1 lakh)
5th6Nu.30,000 (₹30K)
6th1500Nu.2,000 (₹2K)

Special Tshe-Jur Bumper

The Special Tshe-Jur Bumper lottery (previously known as Special Raydrup Bumper lottery) is another yearly draw that is conducted by the BLL. A total of 60K tickets are printed for this draw, too, where the numbering is done from 10000 to 29999. The tickets are arranged in 3 series – A, B, and C and the rate per ticket is Nu.300 (approximately ₹300).

This draw, too, offers 9 prize tiers, including 3 consolation prizes. The only difference is perhaps the prize amount in some of the tiers. We have detailed all the prize tiers, the number of winners for each, as well as the prize amount in the table below.

Prize TierNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st1Nu.3,000,000 (₹30 lakhs)
Consolation 12Nu.30,000 (₹30K)
2nd1Nu.1,000,000 (₹10 lakhs)
Consolation 22Nu.10,000 (₹10K)
3rd2Nu.500,000 (₹5 lakhs)
Consolation 34Nu.5,000 (₹5K)
4th 3Nu.100,000 (₹1 lakh)
5th12Nu.30,000 (₹30K)
6th1200Nu.2,000 (₹2K)

Fortnightly Scheme

The Fortnightly lottery scheme in Bhutan is also known as Phuensum Mid-Dharim. The draws take place once every two weeks. For each draw, 50K tickets are printed and numbered from 10000 to 59999. The tickets are then segregated into 2 series – A and B.

The price per ticket to the Fortnightly draws in Bhutan is Nu.50 (approximately ₹50). This lottery draw, too, offers 9 prize tiers, which include 3 consolation prizes. Find more details about the tiers, prize amount, and the number of winners in the table below.

Prize TierNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st1Nu.700,000 (₹7 lakhs)
Consolation 11Nu.10,000 (₹10K)
2nd1Nu.350,000 (₹3.5 lakhs)
Consolation 21Nu.4,000 (₹4K)
3rd1Nu.150,000 (₹1.5 lakhs)
Consolation 31Nu.2,000 (₹2K)
4th 50Nu.4,000 (₹4K)
5th100Nu.2,000 (₹2K)
6th600Nu.1,000 (₹1K)

Thuensum Scratch

Thuensum Scratch is an instant-win lottery, which comes with seven prizes that don’t include any consolation prize. The cost of each scratch card is Nu.30 (approximately ₹30). We have listed the prize tiers, prize amount, and the number of winners in the table below.

Prize TierNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st46,152Nu.60 (₹60)
2nd3,000Nu.200 (₹200)
3rd1,200Nu.500 (₹500)
4th150Nu.5,000 (₹5K)
5th24Nu.35,000 (₹35K)
6th12Nu.200,000 (₹2 lakhs) 
7th6Nu.500,000 (₹5 lakhs)

Thuensum Quick Cash

The Thuensum Quick Cash is yet another instantly gratifying lottery scheme conducted in Bhutan. The draws offer 7 prize tiers and each ticket costs Nu.20 (approximately ₹20). We have detailed the prize tiers below.

Prize TiersNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st8Nu.100,000 (₹1 lakh)
2nd16Nu.50,000 (₹50K)
3rd40Nu.20,000 (₹20K)
4th400Nu.2,000 (₹2K)
5th2000Nu.500 (₹500)
6th10000Nu.140 (₹140)
7th100000Nu.40 (₹40)

T30 New Bhutan Lottery

The T30 lottery is a new Bhutan lottery that is the same as Thuensum Scratch, but with a different prize structure. Each ticket costs Nu.30 (approximately ₹30). Check out the details of the prize tiers in the table below.

Prize TierNo. of WinnersPrize Amount
1st60000Nu.60 (₹60)
2nd6,000Nu.200 (₹200)
3rd2400Nu.500 (₹500)
4th150Nu.5,000 (₹5K)
5th48Nu.30,000 (₹30K)
6th6Nu.200,000 (₹2 lakhs) 
7th3Nu.500,000 (₹5 lakhs)

Phuensum Dharim

The Phuensum Dharim lottery draw has 2 lakh lottery tickets arranged in 4 series – A, B, C, and D. The tickets are numbered from 00000 to 49999 and cost Nu.50 (approximately ₹50) each.

This lottery offers 11 prize tiers, which include 3 consolation prizes. We have put together all the details about the prize tiers, prize values, number of winners in the table below.

Prize TiersNo. Of PrizesPrize Amt. for winners
1st1Nu.1,000,000 (₹10 lakhs)
2nd2Nu.250,000 (₹2.5 lakhs)
3rd4Nu.40,000 (₹40K)
4th20Nu.20,000 (₹20K)
5th100Nu.3,000 (₹3K)
6th100Nu.2,000 (₹2K)
7th1,000Nu.1,000 (₹1K)
8th1,000Nu.500 (₹500)
Consolation 13Nu.20,000 (₹20K)
Consolation 26Nu.10,000 (₹10K)
Consolation 312Nu.5,000 (₹5K)

How Are the Draws Conducted?

The procedure for conducting lottery draws in Bhutan is similar to that of any paper lottery. A designated Draw Moderator welcomes 3 judges to supervise the process.

For each scheme, the following information is made public:

  • Name of the scheme
  • Total number of tickets printed
  • Total number of series
  • Numbering of tickets
  • Price per ticket
  • Prize structure
  • Prize value
  • Number of potential winners

Because the draws are publicly held, the audience is reminded not to click photos of the digital result screen because the same requires verification of the judges and their signature before being officially declared. Only signed results are declared and considered valid.

Before the commencement of each draw, the moderator explains in detail the lottery machine and how it operates. This is done to keep the procedure transparent and fair. Additionally, the machine is thoroughly inspected by the judges so there is no room for complaint.

Once the draw begins, the numbers are drawn for the major prizes first, followed by the consolation prizes. For each prize tier, the number of winners and prize amount are declared as the winning numbers are drawn.

The 3 judges assist the moderator in pressing the button of the machine every time the numbers need to be drawn. The winning numbers are displayed on the digital result screen and simultaneously announced as well as recorded in a separate result sheet.

Finally, the results recorded in the result sheet and digital screen are cross-verified to ensure the absence of errors. The results are then compiled and published on the official website, social media page, and Kuensel – the national newspaper of Bhutan.

How to Check Bhutan Lottery Result?

As mentioned earlier, the results of Bhutan lotteries are announced and published on the official site, social media handles, and the national newspaper of the country. You can simply check them after a draw is over.

Several websites also publish Bhutan Lottery results regularly. However, not all of them are trustworthy. Be careful what information you feed on.

How to Claim a Lottery Prize in Bhutan?

The procedure to claim a prize you won off a ticket to the Bhutan lotteries is straightforward. All you need to do is keep the following pointers in mind:

  • In case you won the Phuensum Mid Dharim lottery or any of the Bumper lottery, you must surrender the prize-winning ticket within 60 days from the draw.
  • If you won any of the Scratchcard lotteries, you must surrender the prize-winning ticket (scratchcard) within 30 days after the sales closure or expiry of the scheme, whichever is earlier.
  • No prize would be awarded to winners who submit their tickets after the stipulated time.
  • Price above Nu.10,000 should be claimed from the Head Office, Bhutan Lottery Limited.
  • Prizes of up to Nu.10,000 can be claimed from the Sales Agent of the respective Dzongkhags (primary subdivisions in Bhutan).
  • All prize-winning tickets and Scratch Cards should be surrendered at the BLL office or to the Sales Agent with the following documents attached:
    • A duly attested passport-size photograph of the winner.
    • A duly attested and valid copy of the Citizenship ID card or any other identity card (original identity card must be produced while claiming the prize).
  • The prize-winning tickets and Scratch Cards should be surrendered in good condition. No prizes are paid out for lost, mutilated, tampered, altered, forged, or unissued tickets.
  • One winning ticket is entitled to only one prize.

Note: Beware of Fraudulent Sites Selling Bhutan Lottery Tickets

We have noticed multiple websites advertising the sale of tickets to Bhutan Lottery schemes that don’t even exist. You would mostly find one or all of the following schemes on these sites:

  • Kanchenjunga Morning (Nallaneram, Kumaran, Vishnu, Thangam, Parrot, Peacock, Bulbul)
  • Kanchenjunga Day (Super, Delux, Rose, Sincere, Silver, Gender, Benefit)
  • Kanchenjunga Evening (Queen, Star, King, Lucky, Glamor, Venus, Power)
  • Bhutan Dhanashree
  • Bhagyarekha
  • Dhan
  • Chetak

Please note that none of these schemes are legit. These websites, which are operating under the brand of Bhutan Lottery have not been authorized by the BLL or linked to it in any way.

Recently, the BLL even expressed the desire to file an appeal with the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) to get 6 such sites blocked. We have listed them below:


We are pretty sure numerous others have followed in the footsteps of the aforementioned sites to confuse and dupe unsuspecting players. The best way to avoid them is to use your judgment and only rely on the official site of the Bhutan Lottery.

Also, if you aren’t too sure about playing this international paper lottery, remember that you always have world lotteries to try your luck on. They are safe, legit, and come with huge jackpots! All you need to do is find a legit international lottery site that allows entry. Don't sweat it because we have the best lottery sites for Indian players listed right on our website!

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