Delhi Lottery – Tickets, Online Alternatives, and Other Aspects You Need to Know

The Delhi Lottery does not exist, but lottery in Delhi surely does – both offline and online. If you are planning to play either, this is the only guide you will ever need.

We have put together all information regarding tickets, how to source them from legit agents, the legality of Indian State Government lotteries in Delhi, their online alternatives, and more.

Is the Delhi Lottery Government-Approved?

Delhi isn’t among the 13 Indian States that have legalized the lottery as per the Lottery (Regulations) Act 1998. It doesn’t have its own lottery, which means there is no such thing as the Delhi Lottery, whether offline or online.

No permission has been granted by the Central Government for setting up a Lottery Department in this Indian city cum Union Territory. As a result, no paper tickets are printed or legit draws are conducted in public.

Now, Delhi does not have a government lottery of its own because it is a Union Territory controlled directly by the Central Government of India. It cannot leverage the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 meant for individual States or formulate its own law regarding lotteries.

Of course, the Central Government can step in and permit lotteries in Delhi. However, this would lead to the other Union Territories demanding the same, which might not be practical. The Central Government wouldn’t want to set a wrong example, especially where gambling and betting activities are involved.

Lotto enthusiasts often counter this logic by pointing out the partial statehood that Delhi enjoys. Yes, Delhi is a Union Territory with its own legislature. It has its own government including an assembly, MLAs, and a Chief Minister.

However, it lacks an Upper House. All final decisions are taken by the Lieutenant Governor appointed by the Government of India. Under such circumstances, the Lotteries (Regulation) Act 1998 is applicable as well as not in Delhi.

This loophole was earlier leveraged to set up a government lottery system in Delhi given that the Delhi Public Gambling Act 1955, too, excluded lottery from the purview of gaming and criminal offence. However, the lottery was banned soon after, citing the risk of societal threats it might pose.

Is Lottery Legal in Delhi?

As mentioned earlier, the Delhi Public Gambling Act 1955 defines gaming as an activity run in an enclosure with the stewards having the sanction of the Government. Such activities have been banned. However, lottery has been specifically mentioned as an exception.

It means, lottery is legal in Delhi, although the city does not have its own government lottery. Playing paper lotteries run by other States is absolutely permissible. The only exception would be playing lotteries run by States that have particularly outlawed cross-selling of tickets.

Furthermore, there isn’t any ban on playing international lotteries online in Delhi. Since the organizers of world lottos are located outside India, they aren’t subject to the same gambling or betting laws.

In short, to play legal lottery in Delhi, all you need to do is be 18 years of age or up. The options are aplenty offline as well as offline.

From Where to Buy Government Lottery Tickets in Delhi?

To buy government lottery tickets in Delhi, head to your nearest authorized lottery agent. Wondering how to find a legit seller? – Look for a valid identity card issued by the Central or State Government that permits the individual to sell lottery tickets in Delhi.

If you aren’t too confident about finding a trustworthy seller, look for references online. Google up ‘lottery agents in Delhi’ or pick the top local sellers from online directories such as Sulekha and Justdial.

How to Buy a Paper Lottery Ticket?

Once you have found a legit agent for your favorite government lottery, you can buy a paper ticket in Delhi in these 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit the agent’s shop in person.
  2. Pay upfront for the ticket in cash or online.
  3. Write your full name and address on the ticket once you receive it.

That’s all!

How to Buy a Lottery Ticket Online?

You must always buy paper lottery tickets in person whether you found the contact of the seller offline or on the web. Some sellers run online businesses where they ask you to make payment via NEFT, Net Banking, or UPI and courier the tickets to your address.

But, such activities are considered a crime as per Indian law. In short, you cannot and should not buy a lottery ticket online in Delhi unless you are playing international lotteries. These are the only online alternatives that are legal.

Now, assuming you want to play international lotteries, you can buy a ticket online by following these 6 simple steps:

  1. Sign up with a legit international lottery site.
  2. Pick the world lottery you wish to play.
  3. Select the lines and draws.
  4. Add the ticket to your cart.
  5. Proceed to checkout and pay.
  6. Get notified about the purchase.

Please note that depending on the type of lottery site you choose, you would either be buying an official ticket or betting on the outcome of the official draw. Either way, you would compete for the same prizes at the same winning odds.

If you choose a ticket messenger service (buying an official ticket), paper lottery ticket(s) would be purchased on your behalf and scanned copies of the same would be sent to you in your lottery account and/or email. Similarly, if you choose a betting site, your purchase will be confirmed via a notification sent to your lottery account and/or email.

Should you be confused about which international lottery site to choose, we have listed the best ones below. Enter the biggest lottery draws in the world and enjoy various perks, including free tickets!

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Which Is the Biggest Lottery in Delhi?

Of all government lotteries, the Dear Maha Shiv Ratri Bumper Lottery organized by the Punjab State Lottery Department is the bigget lottery in Delhi. The top prize pays ₹5.25 Crore! However, this amount might seem negligible if you consider world lottos, which offer even bigger jackpots.

For instance, the US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the world (and hence in Delhi, too) in terms of the prize money as well as participation. Its minimum advertised jackpot is $20 million (roughly ₹151.95 crores)!

What Is Delhi Dhamaka Lottery?

Delhi Dhamaka lottery is a single-digit lottery derived from the very popular and illegal Indian gambling game – Satta Matka. This lottery, although widely played in the capital city, has been outlawed like all other single-digit lotteries in India.

All websites that publish results of the draws to the Delhi Dhamaka lottery are downright shady and run by unidentified people. We do not recommend buying tickets to this illegal lottery or staking real money in it to avoid a monetary fine and/or jail term.

What Is Delhi Darbar Lottery?

Delhi Darbar Lottery is yet another single-digit lottery inspired by Satta Matka. Like its parent, this lottery, too, is illegal in Delhi and the rest of India despite its popularity. The penalty for staking real money to buy tickets to this lotto is a monetary fine and/or jail term.

What Is Delhi Gali Lottery?

Delhi Gali Lottery is a single-digit lottery, which finds its roots in Satta Matka yet again. Like Delhi Dhamaka and Delhi Darbara Lottery, this game, too, has been outlawed if played for real money. Of course, several websites publish Delhi Gali Lottery results regularly. But none of them are legit.

What is Satta Bazar in Delhi?

Satta Bazar is the general Hindi term for the betting and gambling market in Delhi. Generally, it carries negative connotations and includes everything illegal – ranging from Satta Matka to its variants like Delhi Dhamaka Lottery, Delhi Darbar Lottery, Delhi Gali Lottery, Satta King, Deswar, Super Delhi Satta, and the likes.

How to Play Mahalaxmi Lottery in Delhi?

Mahalaxmi Lottery was a draw organized by the Punjab State Lottery Department, which has now been discontinued. Earlier, it was possible to buy tickets to this draw in Delhi and participate. But currently, there is no way to legally play it in the capital city.

Can I Play Playwin Lottery from Delhi?

You cannot play Playwin lottery from Delhi anymore. Once run by the Government of Sikkim, this PAN-India online lottery now stands discontinued.

Why Was the Ban on Delhi Government Lottery Never Lifted?

The Delhi Government Lottery was banned in 1995 after several fake lottery rackets were busted by the Delhi Police together with Crime Branch officials between 1993 and 1994.

In 1999, a futile attempt was made by the Delhi Government to partially lift the ban due to the absence of an appeal to stay it. Again, in 2003, there were talks to revive paper lotteries and introduce online lotteries in Delhi. However, none of these plans ever materialized.

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