6 Tools Players Can Use to Improve Their Lottery and Gambling Experience Online

For the most part, lady lucky is the deciding factor whether we win or lose when gambling online. However, certain tools can actually improve a player’s chances when playing the lottery, playing casino games, playing poker or betting on sports.

In this article, we will share these tools along with additional tools that can make your life easier when playing the lottery and trying your luck gambling online. 

Lottery Odds Comparison Table

Most lotteries have a similar payback percentage. This means that in the long run you’re expected to win just about the same amount from all of them. However, the way the prizes in the lotteries are distributed and the odds of winning these can vary quite a bit. 

In a nutshell, some lotteries are way easier to win a lifechanging prize in than others. For instance, the chance of winning $1 million USD or more is four times higher in the MillionDay lottery than the Canadian Lotto649.

A table that compares the odds of all lotteries can therefore be a much helpful tool. Check out the below article for more information about this.

Subscription Service for Lottery

All of the best online lottery sites offer its users a subscription service. While this won’t increase your chances of winning a lottery, it’s a helpful tool that can make participating a lot more convenient.

With a subscription service activated, new lottery tickets are automatically purchased for you at a regular basis. You can decide yourself how many tickets should be bought to each draw.  

A subscription is easily activated after signing up for an account with a lottery site. It can be cancelled at any time and is also automatically cancelled if the money on your lottery account runs out. 

Lottery Number Generator

Do you often find yourself not knowing what lucky numbers to pick when playing the lottery? That’s what a lottery number generator is all about. With a simple click, numbers will be automatically generated for you. Find this helpful tool in the link below.

Basic Strategy Chart for Blackjack

Basic Strategy is a popular and must have casino tool for Blackjack. It’s a chart that allows you to play the game perfectly, which will maximize your chances of making a profit. 

Blackjack is a highly mathematical game where every decision made can be good or bad. By always making the right decisions, your long-term payback percentage in the game can be increased to 99.60% (or in some cases even higher). 

In comparison, just playing by feel could result in an RTP of only 90% or even lower. Thus, using Basic Strategy will heavily increase your chances of winning in Blackjack.

The Basic Strategy chart is easily found online and shows you exactly which decision to make based on your current hand value and what the up card of the dealer is. 

Poker Tracker for Online Poker

Poker Tracker is an incredibly powerful tool for those who want to become successful playing cash games and tournaments online in Texas Hold’em and Omaha. It imports all hands played by you and your opponents which allows you to get real time statistics about their playstyle. 

You’re able to see what the pre flop raise and three-bet percentage is of each player, as well as how often they voluntarily put money into the pot. In a nutshell, the tracker shows you how loose or aggressive someone is playing and also helps you analyse your own game. 

Although Poker Tracker isn’t free, most professional players would argue that the money paid for the software is money well invested. 

Arbitrage Calculator for Sports Betting

An Arbitrage Calculator is a tool that can guarantee you a profit from the sports bets you place online. This includes cricket, soccer and any other sport. 

With arbitrage betting, you bet on the same match on two different betting sites. On one site, you bet on team A to win and on the other, you bet on team B.

Doing this on its own will not always guarantee you a profit. The odds on the two sites have to be in a certain way and once they are, you need to bet the right amount on each outcome. 

An Arbitrage Calculator tells you exactly how much to bet on each outcome and if the odds on each site are good enough to guarantee you a profit. 

The calculator is super easy to use and can be found online with a quick search.

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