Live Lottery Games to Play for Non-stop Action

Live lottery games let you experience the thrill of playing the lottery whenever you want. In difference to traditional lotteries where draws take place a few times per week or once per day at most, these types of games have draws that take place every minute or few minutes.

From the most basic rules to more advanced playstyle, live lottery games come in many different forms. However, they all resemble paper lotteries. Huge cash prizes can be won and each draw, often conducted by a game host, is witnessed live on a video stream as you participate and play the game.

How Do Live Lottery Games Work?

At its core, entering live lottery games is not much different from buying paper tickets to participate in Indian state lotteries or online entries into international online lotteries such as the US Powerball or Mega Millions. You pick your lucky numbers and if you match enough during the draw, a cash prize is paid out to you.

There are some differences though that could potentially make live lottery games a better option than traditional draws, or an inferior one, depending on what you prefer:

  • You decide yourself how much you want to stake in each draw.
  • The prize is not fixed but illustrated as a multiplier to your stake.
  • The draw takes place just seconds after you have participated.
  • If you win, the money is automatically and instantly paid out to your account.
  • You will always witness the draw take place live on a video stream.
  • Maximum jackpot prizes are capped at around ₹10 (although it varies between games).

Stake Options

In live lottery games, you can stake as little as ₹1 – ₹44, depending on the game. This is a major difference from traditional online lotteries where ticket prices range from ₹40 – ₹300.

Prize Structure

Another difference is that your potential winnings in live lottery games are based on your stake. They are not fixed as they are in traditional lotteries. For instance, the ‘Keno 5/80’ lottery by Lotto Instant Win pays 80x for matching 3 numbers and 100,000x for matching 5 numbers.

This means that if you stake ₹50 and match 5 numbers, you would win ₹50 lakh (50 * 100,000), whereas if you stake ₹200 and match 5 numbers you would win ₹2 crore (200 * 100,000).

Instant Draws and Payouts

With traditional lotteries, whether played online or offline, there are fixed draw dates, which could be every Tuesday and Thursday at a specific time. However, with live lottery games, new draws take place every minute or every couple of minutes. You never have to wait long for the draw to happen.

In live lottery games, your winnings are also instantly paid out to you. The moment the draw is finished, any money that you have won for matching enough numbers will be paid out. With paper lotteries online there is always a slight delay between the draw and the payout and with Indian government lotteries you would have to claim your prize in person.

Never Miss a Draw

With traditional lotteries, it can be difficult to watch the draw take place live, especially for international lotteries where the draw might occur on a country-specific TV channel.

Live lottery games aren’t affected by this issue as the lottery results are presented in the same game interface as you are picking your numbers and placing your bets.

Limited Jackpots

While payouts in live lottery games are on par with Indian state lotteries, they do fall short compared to the massive prizes from international lotteries such as the US Powerball and EuroJackpot.

For instance, in the US Powerball, the minimum jackpot to be won is ₹150 crore while the record sits at a stunning ₹16,500 crore. In live lottery games, the most you can win is normally from ₹1 – ₹10 crore.

Of course, this is by no means a small prize. The upside of a lower jackpot is also that the odds of winning are much better.

Where Can Live Lottery Games be Played?

Unlike traditional lotteries, live lottery games are normally not found at online lottery sites but are more prevalent at online casinos. Now, there are lottery sites that also have a casino section where these live lottery games can be played. However, it is quite rare to find as not even casinos always have them available.

The top three platforms that we recommend for live lottery games are:

All these casinos have a wide selection of live lottery games and are recognized as safe and reliable options.

How Do I Find the Live Lottery Games?

At the casino, live lottery games are normally found by first going to the “live casino” section of the platform and then choosing the “lottery” category. Especially Rajabets and Casino Days have made it a breeze to find the games.

However, you can also use the casino’s search function to search for specific games such as:

Additionally, you can use the search function to search for the actual companies that provide these live lottery games and you will find their full range of games:

  • Lotto Instant Win
  • Superlotto
  • Betgames TV
  • Evolution Gaming

Now, you might not find every company and every game at every casino site, but with the ones we recommend many of them will be available.