5BET Live Lottery

5BET gameplay

Quick Facts

  • Draw: every 2 minutes
  • Min bet: ₹10
  • Max bet: ₹85,000
  • Max win: ₹8.5 crore (1,000x)
  • Provider: TVBET
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How to Play 5BET

5Bet is a special lottery game that stands out for its many bet options that include the following types:

  • Betting on the specific numbers that will be drawn.
  • Betting on the numbers being odd or even.
  • Betting on the colors of the numbers.
  • Betting on the sum of the drawn numbers.

The game is played with a live game host over a video stream and new game rounds start every 2 minutes. There are 36 numbers to choose from in total, 9 of which are yellow, 9 of which are green, 9 of which are red, and 9 of which are blue. During the draw, a total of 5 numbers are randomly selected from a lottery machine.

Choosing to bet on specific numbers provides the most traditional lottery experience. You can pick either 1, 2, or 3 numbers and in order to win, all your selected numbers must be matched during the draw. The more numbers you select and match, the more you get paid.

In addition to this, there are over 20 other ways that you can bet on the numbers, which adds a thrilling twist to the game. You can find all these below along with their respective payouts.

Payouts and Bet Options

In 5BET, all prizes are listed as a multiplier to your stake. They range from 1.17x all the way up to 1,000x. This means that if you bet a minimum of ₹10, you could win anything from ₹11.7 to ₹10,000 depending on how you choose to play. Similarly, betting ₹1,000 would yield prizes ranging from ₹1,170 up to ₹10 lakh.

Now let us look at all the different bet options and their payouts.

Numbers to Be Drawn

Numbers Picked & MatchedPayout

In order to win, all numbers picked must be matched.

Even/Odd Numbers

Win ConditionPayout
Fewer even numbers than odd1.84x
More even numbers than odd1.84x
Any number to be divisible by 51.34x
Any number to NOT be divisible by 52.92x
Any number to be divisibly by 101.46x
The sum of even numbers is higher than the sum of odds numbers1.78x
The sum of odds numbers is higher than the sum of even numbers1.94x

Betting on Even/Odd numbers only provides minor payouts, but the chance of winning is very high.

Numbers by Color

Win ConditionPayout
First number will be X colour3.68x
At least one number of X colour will be drawn1.17x
Numbers of x colours will not be drawn4.29x
Numbers of x colours will be two or more2.51x
Numbers of x colours will be three or more10x
Numbers of x colours will be four or more95x
All drawn numbers will be of x colour1,000x
Exactly two numbers of x colour will be drawn3.29x
Exactly three numbers of x colour will be drawn11x
Exactly four numbers of x colour will be drawn100x

Note that “x colour” refers to either yellow, green, red, or blue color as you can choose yourself which color you want each bet option to apply for. Also, note that betting on all drawn numbers being of the same exact colour provides the highest payouts in 5BET with a prize of 1,000 times your bet amount.

Sum of Drawn Numbers

Win ConditionPayout
Sum of drawn numbers is over 92.51.84x
Sum of drawn numbers is under 92.51.84x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 15 – 6012x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 61 – 7010x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 71 – 806.8x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 81 – 924.52x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 93 – 1044.52x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 105 – 1146.8x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 115 – 12410x
Sum of drawn numbers is from 125 – 17012x

How to Get Started With 5BET

If you’re interested in trying your luck in 5BET, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit either Rajabets or Casino Days and create an account.
  2. Go to the cashier and make a deposit via UPI, PhonePe, or NetBanking (among other methods).
  3. Navigate to the ‘live casino’ section of the site.
  4. Use the search function and enter ‘5BET’.
  5. Click to play the game!

As an alternative to using the search function, you can also scroll down to find the ‘lottery’ category and from there, you can see all available lottery games, including 5BET.

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