Keno 5/80 Live Lottery

Keno 580 live lottery

Quick Facts

  • Draw: every 5 minutes
  • Min bet: ₹44
  • Max bet: ₹88,000
  • Max win: ₹4.5 crore
  • Provider: Lotto Instant Win
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How to Play Keno 5/80

Keno 5/80 is a simple lottery game that can be played every 5 minutes with draws happening live on a video stream. There are 80 numbered balls in the game and on each game round you must pick 5. During the draw, 5 numbers are selected and the more numbers you match, the more you win.

There is no fixed price for an entry but you can decide yourself how much your lottery ticket should be worth within a range of ₹44 – ₹88,000. How much you stake will ultimately affect how much you can win.

The Draw

It’s important to note that Keno 5/80 is interconnected with four other lottery games that can be played on the same user interface. When the draw occurs, the results for Keno 5/80 will first be determined by the five first numbers that are pulled from the lottery machine.

After this, 50 more numbers will be drawn to also reveal the results for Keno 10/80, Keno 20/80, Win 30/80, Win 40/80, and Win 50/80. On the user interface, you can easily switch to these lotteries if you would like to participate in these as well.

Payouts and Prize Structure

In Keno 5/80, you win by matching 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers. A consolidation prize is also paid out for matching no numbers at all. As mentioned earlier, the payout depends on your stake.

At a minimum bet of ₹44, the payouts are as follows:

Numbers MatchedPayout
5₹44 Lakh
4₹2.2 Lakh

At a minimum bet of ₹200, the payouts are like this:

Numbers MatchedPayout
5₹2 Crore
4₹10 Lakh

At a minimum bet of ₹440, these would be the payouts:

Numbers MatchedPayout
5₹4.4 Crore
4₹22 Lakh

It’s important to note that maximum payouts in Keno 5/80 are capped at ₹4.4 Crore. This means that even if you stake more than ₹440, you would not be able to win more than ₹4.4 Crore. However, higher stakes would still increase the payouts for 0, 2, 3, and 4 numbers matched.

Game Features

Keno 5/80 includes two game features that are worth mentioning:

  • A randomization button: this will select 5 lucky numbers at random for you.
  • A memory feature: this allows you to save up to five sets of 5 selected numbers.

How to Get Started With Keno 5/80

If you’re interested in trying your luck in Keno 5/80, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit either Rajabets or Casino Days and create an account.
  2. Go to the cashier and make a deposit via UPI, PhonePe, or NetBanking (among other methods).
  3. Navigate to the ‘live casino’ section of the site.
  4. Use the search function and enter ‘Keno 5/80’.
  5. Click to play the game!

As an alternative to using the search function, you can also scroll down to find the ‘lottery’ category and from there, you can see all available lottery games, including Keno 5/80.