Lottery Sites that Accept MasterCard Deposits

Playing the lottery is a popular pastime for Indian players. But what about finding a trustworthy online lottery site that accepts MasterCard? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to. The sites listed below are all viable possibilities if you wish to play the lottery online utilizing MasterCard as a deposit method.
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Best Lottery Site for MasterCard Deposits

In our honest opinion, the best lottery site for MasterCard deposits is Lottoland Asia. They cater primarily to Indian lottery players, accept Rupee as a currency, and provide a diverse range of lotteries at significantly lower ticket prices than what most other platforms do.

Lottoland offers entry to international lotteries such as the US Powerball, EuroJackpot, and EuroMillions. Additionally, it has its own lotteries as well, which include EuroJackpot GO, EuroMillions GO, Jhatka Matka, Malamaal Daily, Sambad Plus, and Jeeto Lotto, among others.

The platform is simple to use, and syndicate possibilities are available for the biggest lotteries if you wish to play the lottery in a group for a better chance at winning.

Other MasterCard Sites You Should Check Out

Other than Lottoland, we’ve put together a list of top three MasterCard online lottery sites that provide a secure and enjoyable online lottery experience.

  • Lotto247: It has an attractive website design that secures a pleasant user experience, and customer support is fast and reliable. Its biggest strength, however, is its welcome bonus that can earn you up to ₹8,500 extra when making your first deposit. The value is insane.
  • TheLotter: If you want to receive real tickets as opposed to lottery betting, this is the site to choose. Ticket prices are higher, but real tickets will be bought, scanned, and sent to you. The site also has a huge number of lotteries to play and offers a lot of discounts.
  • Lottofy: The go-to place for syndicate betting. All lotteries can be played in a group for a heavily increased chance of winning and the prices to enter are really good. The site is super well designed and if you want to play on the go, a great mobile app can be downloaded.

Why Use MasterCard to Play the Lotto Online?

MasterCard is one of the best traditional payment systems that has been used by millions of people all over the world since it was introduced in 1988. One of its big selling points is its convenience. It’s easy to deposit money to a lottery site using Mastercard and it’s also an instant process.

Security is also on top as a one-time password is required to be entered as you make your deposit, which is sent to your mobile phone. Searching for the top MasterCard online lottery sites to play the lottery online, you would probably already know this though.

Apart from convenience, being widely accepted by lottery sites may be the biggest reason to use Mastercard. If you have a credit card as opposed to a debit card, this can also be used to play the lottery with borrowed money. However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

  • Accepted by most lottery sites
  • Instant deposits
  • Credit card lets you spend first and pay later in easy installments
  • Secure payments with OTP connected to your registered mobile number.
  • Credit cards may cause you to spend more than you have, leading to problems in paying off your debts.
  • Transactions can sometimes be declined by your bank.

How to Get a MasterCard

  1. Open a bank account with a bank connected to the MasterCard Network.
  2. Choose whether to obtain a debit or a credit card.
  3. Simply follow the bank’s instructions to receive your card.

How to Deposit With MasterCard

  1. Create an account with a MasterCard-accepting online lottery site.
  2. Click on “Deposit” in the menu of the site.
  3. Choose MasterCard as your option.
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit.
  5. Fill in your credit/debit card information.
  6. Complete the transaction by entering your OTP.
  7. Your funds are instantly available and you can now purchase your very first lottery ticket online!

How to Withdraw With MasterCard

  1. Proceed to the lottery site’s cashier.
  2. Choose MasterCard as your withdrawal method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and then confirm.

It’s that simple. The lottery site’s payments department will now handle your request as quickly as possible. Once the cashed-out money is sent, it will be available on your Mastercard-connected bank account within 2 – 5 bank days.

However, if this is your first withdrawal request, you may be subjected to a verification process, which is a typical practice among licensed and authorized lottery sites in India. If this is the case, you will be requested to give a photocopy of your ID as well as a bill or other proof of address.

Is It Safe to Use MasterCard at Online Lottery Sites?

For the most part, using MasterCard at online lottery sites is completely safe. The payment processor employs a secure tokenization technology, which either the lottery site or the bank your Mastercard is issued by will have in place, or both.

This is a 2-step verification process that requires a password to be entered along with your card details – usually via a bank application. Thus, it does not matter if someone would get a hold of your card details as they would not be able to use your Mastercard anyway.

Thus, MasterCard is 100% safe to use.

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