Australia Monday Lotto
Australia Monday Lotto
Price per line: From ₹80
Min jackpot: ₹5.4 Crores
Record win: ₹5.4 Crores
Buy for ₹80
Draw dates & time in India
Mon at 4:00 pm IST
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Australia Monday Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

We present you with the latest results, including winning numbers and prizes paid for the Australian lottery, Australia Monday Lotto. The results are automatically updated within 15 minutes of the official draw. You can also check out historical Australia Monday Lotto draw results by selecting any draw date of your choice from the drop-down menu below.

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MatchPayoutWinning Odds
6 AU$ 1,000,000 1:8,145,060
5+1 AU$ 11,507.25 1:678,755
5 AU$ 447.45 1:36,689
4 AU$ 25.40 1:733
3+1 AU$ 15.30 1:297
2+2 AU$ 14.10 1:144
1+2 AU$ 14.10 1:144