Price per line: From ₹200
Min win: ₹80K a day for life
Max win: ₹80K a day for life
Buy for ₹200
Draw dates & time in India
Every day at 7:30 am IST
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Cash4Life Results and Winning Numbers

All information, including the latest as well as historical winning numbers, for the Cash4Life lottery, can be found on this page. Results are auto-updated on our website after each draw. Feel free to bookmark our page to always stay up to date with the results.



Prize Breakdown From the Latest Draw

MatchPayoutWinning Odds
5+1 Cash Ball No Winners 1:21,846,048
5 No Winners 1:7,282,016
4+1 Cash Ball US$ 2,500 1:79,440
4 US$ 500 1:26,480
3+1 Cash Ball US$ 100 1:1,471
3 US$ 25 1:490
2+1 Cash Ball US$ 10 1:83
2 US$ 4 1:28
1+1 Cash Ball US$ 2 1:13

Cash4Life is an American multi-jurisdictional (including New York, New Jersey, Florida and Virginia) lottery drawn every night in New Jersey. Indian players can either participate in the official draw directly via a ticket messenger service or place a bet on the outcome and win the same prizes by registering with legit lottery betting sites.

Check Today’s Winning Numbers of Cash4Life

If you have bought a Cash4Life lottery ticket and are looking for the latest results, you are in the right place. All of the latest winning numbers along with the prizes paid out can be found in the section above.

Check Historical Lottery Results of Cash4Life

Did you miss out on some of the past draw results in Cash4Life? Don’t worry, we got you covered! On this page, you can find past results for any draw date. Just select the past draw date you would like to see the results for and find them right in front of you.

When Are the Results Declared?

On Livestream, the nightly Cash4Life drawings are held at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time from Studio B at New Jersey Lottery Headquarters. This is 7:30 am in Indian Standard Time.

How to Check the Results Online?

Checking the results for the Cash4Life lottery online is easy. You can check them either on our website or the official lottery website. The benefit of checking results on our website is that you get to see the historical results as well.

What to Do if You Win Big in Cash4Life?

If you win the Cash4Life lottery, you will be contacted by your lottery ticket provider. Small wins are paid out immediately and you are notified about the same via email. For bigger wins, you may need to collect your winnings in person or undergo a verification process before being paid out to your bank account.

Purchasing Your Cash4Life Lottery Ticket Online

There are so many lottery sites selling Cash4Life lottery tickets on the internet that it's easy to get overwhelmed. We are here to help with the same. We have compiled a list of affordable tickets for you. To purchase the cheapest Cash4Life lottery tickets, visit the link below.
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