El Gordo de La Primitiva (Sunday Lottery)
El Gordo de La Primitiva
Price per line: From ₹150
Min jackpot: ₹42 Crores
Record win: ₹282 Crores
Get 3 for ₹150
Draw dates & time in India
Mon at 1:00 am IST
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El Gordo de La Primitiva Results and Winning Numbers

If you are looking for the latest as well as historical winning numbers for the El Gordo de La Primitiva lottery, you can find them on this page. The results are auto-updated every time a draw is held. If you don’t want to miss out on any results, bookmarking our page is a good idea!



El Gordo de La Primitiva (El Gordo lottery in short) is a weekly draw of the Lotera Nacional – Spain's state-owned national lottery. The minimum guaranteed jackpot prize is 5 million euros, but more often than not, the jackpot rolls over to pay a lot more.

Prize Breakdown From the Latest Draw

MatchPayoutWinning Odds
5+1 N Clave No Winners 1:31,625,100
5 € 161,409.28 1:3,513,900
4+1 N Clave € 1,088.43 1:129,082
4 € 206.26 1:14,342
3+1 N Clave € 42.22 1:2,689
3 € 14.74 1:299
2+1 N Clave € 8.28 1:172
2 € 3 1:19
0+1 N Clave € 1.50 1:10

Check Today’s Winning Numbers of El Gordo

Bought a ticket to the El Gordo lottery? Looking for the winning numbers? El Gordo’s latest winning numbers, along with the status of its prize tiers can always be found on this page, in the above section. You can check if you've won as well as how much each prize tier paid out.

Check Historical Lottery Results of El Gordo

Knowing the latest winning numbers isn’t always enough. If you forgot about a ticket, you must also keep a check on historical El Gordo results. Because of this, we provide you with historical winning numbers and the prizes paid out for every past draw date. Just select the draw date you’d like to see results for in the drop-down list above. It's that simple!

When Are the Results Declared?

El Gordo lottery draws are held every Sunday at 8:30 pm UTC (GMT), which would be 1:00 am IST every Monday. The results are updated on our page soon after the draw.

How to Check the Results Online?

It is extremely simple to check the lottery results online. You can go to El Gordo's official website or look at the results on this very page. You may want to bookmark our page and return to it whenever you need to check any lottery results.

What to Do if You Win Big in El Gordo?

If you win the El Gordo lottery, your lottery ticket provider will contact you shortly after. For small amounts, you will receive an e-mail notification and be paid directly into your lottery account. If you have won a larger prize, you can expect a phone call. This price will either be sent to your bank account after necessary verification or has to be picked up in person in Spain. The latter applies only if you have bought a real ticket via ticket messenger service as opposed to partaking in lottery betting.

Purchasing Your El Gordo Ticket Online

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