Canada Lotto 649
Lotto 649
Price per line: From ₹350
Min jackpot: ₹30 Crores
Record win: ₹380 Crore
Buy for ₹350
Draw dates & time in India
Thu & Sun at 1:00 am
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Canadian Lotto 649 Lottery Results and Winning Numbers

The most recent as well as historical results for the Canadian Lotto 649 lottery can be found on this page. After each draw, the results are automatically updated on our page, displaying the winning numbers. Never miss a Canadian Lotto 649 draw result by bookmarking our page.


DivisionsMatchPayoutWinning Odds
1 Prize 6 No Winners 1:13,983,816
2 Prize 5+1 C$ 111,221.50 1:2,330,636
3 Prize 5 C$ 2,059.70 1:55,492
4 Prize 4 C$ 71.10 1:1,033
5 Prize 3 C$ 10.00 1:57
6 Prize 2+1 C$ 5.00 1:81
7 Prize 2 C$ 3.00 1:8

The rules are simple. Six numbers are chosen from a pool of 49, as the name implies. The jackpot prize of at least $5,000,000 is won if a ticket matches all six numbers. A bonus number is also drawn. If a player’s ticket matches five numbers plus the bonus number, he or she wins the “second prize,” which usually ranges from $100,000 to $500,000.

Check Today’s Winning Numbers of Canadian Lotto 649

If you bought a ticket to the Canadian Lotto 649, you can find the winning numbers for the same down in the aforementioned section. These are the latest winning numbers for the lottery and you will also be able to find the status of other prize tiers as well.

Check Historical Lottery Results of Lotto 649

Knowing what the results of a lottery have been in the past can be beneficial in many different ways. This is why along with giving you the latest results we also give you the past results for the lottery.

Checking these results is very easy on our platform. Just feed in the date of the draw for which you’d like to know the outcome and watch the results unfold in front of you.

When Are the Results Declared?

The draws for Canadian Lotto 649 lottery happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30 pm PT which is 1:00 am IST every Thursday and IST every Sunday. The winning numbers are drawn by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation using random number generators.

How to Check the Results Online?

Checking the lottery results online is absolutely simple. You can visit the official website for Lotto 649 or check the results here on our page. After each draw, the latest winning numbers are always updated on our page. It would be a good idea to bookmark our page and come back here every time you want to check the results.

What to Do if You Win Big in the Lotto 649 Lottery?

It is time to jump and cheer with joy! Once that is done, you need to contact the site where you bought your ticket from. You might also need to submit the ticket and claim your prizes. Please remember that the prizes can either be paid in a lump sum or as an annual payment. Also, if you’ve bought an official ticket, the original organizers of the lottery would hand out the prize. On the other hand, if you’ve bet on the outcome, the lottery sites through which you entered the draw would hand out the prize.

We would advise keeping the announcement of your win on the low so you don’t attract unwanted attention.

Purchasing Your Canadian Lotto 649 Lottery Ticket Online

You can easily buy a ticket to the Canadian Lotto 649 on the web via a trusted online lottery site. However, we want you to buy the cheapest ticket available. This is why we have compiled a list of the best lotto sites selling the cheapest Lotto 649 tickets. Click the link below to find it!

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