Lotto India
Lotto India
Price per line: From ₹40
Min jackpot: ₹4 Crores
Record win: ₹40 Crores
Buy for ₹40
Draw dates & time in India
Tue & Fri at 6:00 pm IST
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Lotto India Results and Winning Numbers

On this page, you can check the latest as well as historical results for Lotto India. After each draw, the winning numbers are auto-updated on our page. Consider bookmarking it for easy access to the latest results.



Lotto India is a simple lottery that was created to be played throughout India. It's totally legal to play lotto online in almost every state in the country. The only current exception is West Bengal.

Check Today’s Winning Numbers of Lotto India

If you have bought a Lotto India ticket and are looking for the latest results, you are at the right place. You can always find the latest winning numbers in the above section.

Check Historical Lottery Results of Lotto India

On our page, we don't just bring you the latest winning numbers. Results for any past draw date for Lotto India can be found as well. All you have to do is select the specific date you want to know the winning numbers for in the drop-down menu above.

Knowing historical lottery results can come in handy for two reasons. If you forgot about a ticket and missed a draw, you may need to go back and check previous drawings. You may also want to check previously drawn numbers in order to choose the lucky numbers to play on your next ticket.

When Are the Results Declared?

Lotto India draws take place every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00 pm IST. The results are declared right after the draw is over and updated on our website within 15 minutes.

How to Check the Results Online?

You can check the results for Lotto India on the lottery's official website or on LotteryWorld, which is the only place you can buy tickets among Indian online lottery sites. Or, if you want to check both the latest and historical results without hassles, you can simply bookmark our page. Every time a draw is over you can come back and view the results right here. Whatever floats your boat!

What to Do if You Win Big in the Lotto India Lottery?

Once you have won the lottery, you will be contacted by the lottery ticket provider. If the amount is small, you will just be notified via email and paid instantly. For bigger amounts, a phone call is to be expected, along with further verification before you are paid to your bank account.

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Purchasing Your Lotto India Lottery Ticket Online

Tickets for the Lotto India lottery are easily available on the web. Finding them is not a task. However, finding the cheapest Lotto India tickets could be. Don’t worry because we got you covered. We have compiled a list of the sites selling the cheapest tickets online. Click the link below to find them.

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