Mega Sena
Price per line: From ₹120
Min jackpot: ₹2.8 Crores
Record win: ₹316 Crores
Get 4 for ₹224
Draw dates & time in India
Thu & Sun at 4:30 am IST
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Mega-Sena Results and Winning Numbers

This page shows you the latest as well as historical results for the Mega-Sena Lottery. The results for every Mega-Sena draw are auto-updated on our page right after the draws are over. Always stay up to date by bookmarking our page!



Mega-Sena is Brazil's most popular lottery game. It is run by Caixa Econômica Federal Bank, which has been running federal lottery games for decades. Players of the Mega-Sena lottery stand a chance to win life-changing prizes that regularly reach tens, if not hundreds of crores.

Check Today’s Winning Numbers of Mega-Sena

Did you buy a Mega-Sena ticket? Are you looking for the results? This page always has the latest Mega-Sena winning numbers for you!

Check Historical Lottery Results of Mega-Sena

Keeping a check on the historical results of the Mega Sena lottery might come in handy to learn about the frequently drawn numbers. This, in turn, could help you decide on the lucky numbers to pick in an upcoming draw. Of course, historical results are also important if you happened to forget about a ticket that you purchased.

In the section above, we provide not only the latest but also historical Mega-Sena draw results. Using the drop-down menu, simply select the date for which you’d like to check results and the winning numbers will appear.

When Are the Results Declared?

Mega-Sena draws are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 pm Brazilian Time which is 4:30 am IST every Thursday and Sunday.

How to Check the Results Online?

There are two main ways of checking the lottery results online. The first one is to check the result by visiting the official Mega Sena website. The second method is to bookmark our website and check the results here.

What to Do if You Win Big in the Mega Sena Lottery?

Once you win the Mega Sena lottery, you will be contacted by the lottery site from which you bought your ticket. With smaller wins, an e-mail notification is sent, while a big jackpot prize usually comes with a phone call. The process of claiming a jackpot depends on how you played. There are two types of lottery sites; those that let you place a bet on the outcome and those that purchase real tickets on your behalf.

If you have a real ticket, the prize must usually be claimed in person in Brazil as it is paid out by the official lottery organizer. On the other hand, if you bet on the outcome, the lottery site will be the one paying you and they will do so once a verification process has been carried out. Payment is normally to your bank account.

Purchasing Your Mega-Sena Lottery Ticket Online

Mega Sena tickets can be purchased from many different websites. However, we want you to purchase the tickets without denting your wallet, for which you need to compare prices. Luckily, we’ve done all the homework for you. Simply click the link below to find the cheapest Mega-Sena lottery tickets online.

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