South Africa Lottery
South Africa Lotto
Price per line: From ₹72
Min jackpot: ₹1.45 Crores
Record win: ₹54 Crores
Buy for ₹72
Draw dates & time in India
Thur & Sun at 5:30 pm IST
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South Africa Lotto Results and Winning Numbers

On this page, you will be able to find the latest as well as historical results for the South Africa lotto. The results are auto-updated on our page after each draw. If you have your eyes on this lottery, make sure to bookmark our page to never miss out on any draw results!



South Africa Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa. Six numbers need to be picked out of 52 and all of them matched to win the jackpot. All draws come with secondary prizes as well.

Check Today’s Winning Numbers for South Africa lotto

If you purchased a South Africa Lotto ticket, the winning numbers can be found in the section above. Displayed are the most recent lottery winning numbers.

Check Historical Lottery Results of South Africa Lotto

When purchasing lottery tickets, you may want to consider not only the most recent results but also previous results. You can find historical results of the South Africa Lotto for any date you want in the table below. Simply choose the preferred draw date you’d like to see the results for in the drop-down menu, and our API will show you the results.

When Are the Results Declared?

The results for the South Africa lotto are declared every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:57 SAST. This is 5:30 pm every Thursday and Sunday in IST.

How to Check the Results Online?

The results of the South Africa lotto can be found on the lottery’s official website. On the day of the draw, you could also visit our website to see the results. You should bookmark our website if you want an easy way of seeing the results!

What to Do if You Win Big in the South Africa Lotto?

If your luck shines and you win big in the South Africa Lotto, your lottery provider will contact you. Then you will be called for verification and to claim the prize as well. Smaller wins are notified via email and are paid out automatically.

Purchasing Your South Africa Lottery Ticket Online

You can easily purchase a lottery ticket for the South Africa Lotto on the internet. However, not all lotto sites offer it and not all are legit. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best lotto sites for buying South Africa lotto tickets at the lowest cost. To find them, go to the link below!
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