Our Review Policy

Lotteries are luck-based, but choosing where to play one shouldn't be the luck of the draw.

The riskiest bet is to pick a lottery site blindly.

Enter OnlineLottoBaba!

We sift through international lottery sites for Indian players, telling good from bad. Only the best ones with popular world lotteries get on our list.

Our definition of best? Licensed. Fair. Worth your time.

With our recommendations, you won't take shots in the dark anymore. You'll make informed and safe choices backed by facts and proof.

But why go international when India has its own lotteries?

That's because world lotteries get straight As in terms of:

  • Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability

Local Indian lotteries are legal only in 13 states. All of them are paper-based with no tickets sold online. They're usually only available within the legalizing state, limiting access.

All this has sparked demands for lotteries playable nationwide without restrictions.

Global lotteries deliver by being open to all Indian players online. Plus, they're affordable and promise bigger rewards.

Top examples: US Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, Mega Sena, and the motley crew!

Why bring this up now?

Because, as lottery site reviewers for India, we might be expected to focus on local lotteries.

While we discuss them, we only advocate for global options that are legitimate and better.

Our listed lottery sites offer international lotteries in plenty so you never run out of choices.

We uphold independent and objective digital journalism, never accepting money for reviews or promotions.

Each site is probed by a team of experts so you don't end up reading just one person's opinion piece. Honesty and transparency guide our writing.

Why? Because we are just like you: lottery players seeking a safe zone!

It brings us joy to recommend what we trust.

So, is this charity?

No, because we may earn a commission when you sign up at lottery sites through us. That's how we keep the site running.

But it doesn't affect our reviews. We'd still be forthright about whatever we say.

In the end, the call to choose the right lottery site is entirely yours!

Meet the OnlineLottoBaba Fam!

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Mattias Fröbrant

Founder – CEO – Writer – Fact Checker – Researcher

Swedish soul. Maltese dweller. Chases millionaire dreams. Never misses a Powerball draw. Honest. Perfectionist. Cat parent.

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Jonas Stenmark

Founder – Head of SEO – Web Designer – Strategist

Globetrotter. Believes in leprechauns. SEO and web design wizard. Polishes our lottery reviews. Hit the jackpot with three kids.

Find the full team here.

Our 13-Step Review Process 

Step 1: Find international lottery sites for Indian players

We scout every international lottery site to see if Indian players can join.

Only licensed sites are considered for testing.

Step 2: Check their license

Mere claims of holding a license won't cut it.

The displayed information is verified to confirm it's legit and valid.

Step 3: Know the site type

Lottery sites vary.

Some buy official tickets for you. Others let you bet on official draw results without buying tickets. Yet others do both.

As an online lottery player in India, you must understand these distinctions.

Your playing experience may not change, but the way of claiming big wins would.

For instance, prizes won with a paper ticket must be collected in person from the official lottery operator.

But prizes won by betting on the outcome are matched to those of the official draw and paid directly to your bank account via insurance.

We accept both types on OnlineLottoBaba but specify the type in our reviews to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Explore the lottery range

We prefer lottery sites with diverse options.

Top picks include the US Powerball, EuroMillions, Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, and Mega Sena.

We also seek others, like France Loto, UK Lotto, OZ Lotto, Bonoloto, La Primitiva, Lotto 649, and SuperEnalotto.

The more the merrier!

Step 5: Compare the ticket prices

We'll list where you can buy the cheapest lottery tickets for each lottery.

Prices on betting sites may seem bloated due to added fees, but you'll get commission-free winnings.

Lottery concierge sites charge a commission on winnings, so it's all the same.

Step 6: Look for play features

Playing the lottery alone is no fun. That's why syndicates exist.

Likewise, subscriptions let you automate your entries into draws.

These features add convenience, so we look for them in the lottery sites we review.

Step 7: Read the terms

How do you get proof of purchase for buying a lottery entry? Is there a digital copy for paper tickets or a purchase receipt for betting entries?

When you win, do you get notified or must you check the results yourself? Do you have to manually request your winnings?

How are big payouts and jackpots handled? Do you need to travel to the draw's country? If so, does the site cover expenses?

If not, do they deposit winnings directly into your bank account? Do they verify your identity for it? If yes, what documents are required?

Most importantly, what's the payment timeframe? Are there foreign exchange charges on your payout?

You must understand these terms to know what you're getting into.

We'll handle the research and include it in our reviews, so all you have to do is skim.

Step 8: Test the payment methods

What are the ways to buy a ticket on a lottery site targeting Indian players?

Global options like Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrencies sound great.

But local favorites like UPI and IMPS are the best.

Every available payment method is tested to ensure it works as intended.

Step 9: Look for bonuses

Lottery gaming with bonuses is like trying your luck at another's expense.

Sign-up, match, no-deposit, free tickets, discounts, cashbacks, buy/get, bet/get, referral—all bonuses are welcome as long as they're fair.

Step 10: Evaluate customer support

Do you get the help you need? Do you get it right when you need it?

Customer support can be key to a great (or terrible) experience on a lottery site.

We expect 24/7 live chat availability, prompt and friendly responses, and reliable alternate channels. Maybe even an FAQ section.

How do we test this?—By reaching out like regular players.

No special treatment wanted!

Step 11: Check with others

Before listing a lottery site, we compare our opinions with others.

Do they align? Are there major differences we should re-verify?

We also check player feedback on platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, and AskGamblers.


Because we want you to read well-rounded reviews, not opinion pieces.

Step 12: List the lottery site

When we're sure the lottery site meets most, if not all criteria, we list it!

The review goes live after fine-tuning based on team input.

Step 13: Revisit, re-evaluate, repeat

Once a lottery site is listed, we recheck the review monthly to ensure accuracy.

Ratings might shift during these checks.

Top choices might fall, bottom choices might rise, or recommendations might be scrapped if a site doesn't meet our standards anymore.

But this also means you'll always find the top lottery sites to play in India listed on OnlineLottoBaba!

If you don't, simply write to us at [email protected].

Changes happen fast, and sometimes, details slip by us. Your feedback can keep us current.