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Lottofy is a top-quality and legit lottery betting site that allows you to bet on several international lotteries online and win up to hundreds of crores.

  • 11 international lotteries to play
  • Cheap ticket prices
  • Easy-to-get discounts (up to 30%)
  • Multiple payment options
  • Fund and Syndicate option for all lotteries
  • Commission-free winnings
  • Fantastic website design
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Android and iOS app available
  • Slots, scratchcards and live casino games
  • Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (highly reputed)
  • Fewer lotteries than other sites

How Does Lottofy Compare to Other Lottery Sites?

Using the table below, you can easily compare Lottofy to other lottery sites that we have thoroughly reviewed. Simply use the drop-down list to choose a lottery site you want to compare Lottofy with.

Lotteries to play11
Ticket pricesLow
DiscountsUp to 30%
Syndicate playin 10 lotteries
PaymentsUPI, NetBanking, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard
Welcome bonus2 free tickets on first purchase
Mobile appiOS and Android
LicenseMalta Gaming Authority
TrustworthinessVery high
Visit LottofyReview
Lotteries to play50+
Ticket pricesHigh
DiscountsUp to 45%
Syndicate playin 12 lotteries
PaymentsNetBanking, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard
Welcome bonusN/A
Mobile appiOS and Android
LicenseMalta Gaming Authority
TrustworthinessVery high
Visit TheLotterReview

Lottofy Review December 2023


How to Play Online Lottery at Lottofy?

To play the lottery at Lottofy, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Lottofy by clicking this link.
  2. Your welcome offer is instantly added to your shopping cart – 3 US Powerball tickets at the price of 1.
  3. Click on “Lottery” in the menu of the site in order to buy additional tickets.
  4. Pick the lottery you want to play.
  5. Choose between a normal ticket, fund or syndicate/club entry.
  6. Select the ticket numbers for the bets you want to place.
  7. Choose which draw you want to play your ticket(s) for.
  8. Click on “Purchase” followed by “Add and Pay”.
  9. Sign up for an account by filling in e-mail, name, ID number, date of birth, address and phone number.
  10. Verify your account by clicking a link sent to your registered e-mail.
  11. Go back to your “Shopping Cart” at Lottofy and proceed with payment.
  12. Pay via UPI, NetBanking, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller and Debit Cards.
  13. Receive an e-mail confirmation and find your bet placed under “My Bets” on your account.
  14. Hope to get lucky and win big!

Compared to other lottery sites in India, Lottofy can appear confusing to new users even though the website design is really great and professional. This is simply because the site offers a lot of features and different ways to play the lottery.

You have your normal entries, your fund betting option, and your syndicates. Then these categories have their own options too, like buying multiple shares, entering many draws in advance, subscribing to automatically receive new lottery tickets, and playing system bets.

There's simply a lot to do at Lottofy, which simple lotto fans may not like while those who are really into the lotto sphere will absolutely love it.

Available Lottery Tickets and Prices at Lottofy

Listed below are all the lotteries you can play at Lottofy and their respective prices.

Lottery tickets Prices
US Powerball₹295
US Mega Millions₹295
El Gordo (Sunday lottery)₹150
German Lotto (6aus49)₹100
La Primitiva (Spanish 6/49)₹100
Mega Sena₹125
National Lottery (Spain)₹585

Quick Price Comparison

As you can see in the below table where we have compared ticket prices between Lottofy and three other lotto sites we recommend, the prices are pretty great. They are not always the absolute best, but they are indeed good. It is also easy to get up to 30% discounts at Lottofy, giving their tickets the overall best value.

US Powerball₹295₹300₹290₹375
German Lotto₹100₹96₹126₹271
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How and Where Do I Find the Lottery Result?

There are many ways to get notified about the lottery results at Lottofy. If you've bought a ticket into a lottery, you will not only receive an e-mail with the results, but you can also find them published under your profile at the site. Simply go to “My Account” followed by “My Bets” or “Bet Summary”.

Additionally, if you go to the page where you play a lottery as a normal ticket, you will find the latest results of this lottery at the bottom of the page. For instance, for US Powerball results, click on “Powerball” followed by “Ticket” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can always check the latest lottery results directly here at OnlineLottoBaba.

What Is the Type of Lottery Format?

Lottofy's business model is lottery betting. This means the site will not purchase a real lottery ticket on your behalf. No official dealers of the lottery you choose to play are involved in the process at Lottofy.

Instead, the site lets you bet on the results of the lottery. When you choose your numbers to play a ticket, you are not buying a ticket, but in fact, placing a bet that these are the numbers that will be drawn.

Confused? Don't be. The two formats of receiving a real ticket and betting on the outcome are practically the same. You have the same odds of winning and win the same prizes. If you win or not all comes down to the official numbers drawn in the lottery.

The only difference is that Lottofy along with its insurance companies is responsible for paying your winnings and not the official lottery.

Is Syndicate Betting Supported?

You bet! Lottofy is hands down one of the best sites you can use when it comes to lottery syndicates. All of the lotteries at the site can be played in a group with other players for an increased chance of winning. If your syndicate wins the lottery, you get paid according to the shares you own.

The syndicate options are much more thorough than what you would find at other lottery sites. Not only can you choose the number of shares to buy and the number of draws you would like to play for, but you can also see which other players are participating in the syndicate and find stats about them. This is pretty cool.

Additionally, Lottofy has a unique “fund betting” option which is a mix of syndicate and single entry. If you win with such a bet, you would receive 50% of the winnings while the rest is shared with the syndicate. Likewise, if someone else in the syndicate wins, they would receive 50% of the winnings while the rest would be shared with you and the other fund betting members.

What's more, the prices of syndicate entries are absolutely outstanding. All lottery sites make a bit of extra profit from syndicates. This means that you as a player would pay anything from 20% – 500% extra for entering a syndicate as opposed to buying an individual ticket (for the same value).

At Lottofy, however, many syndicate entries are actually cheaper than an individual ticket and at most, their profit margin is 15%. In other words, the value you get from entering syndicates at Lottofy couldn't possibly get any better.

Is There a VIP or Loyalty Program?

Lottofy does not have a VIP or Loyalty program as such, but they do have generous discounts for subscribing or buying multiple tickets into a draw. Here's an example:

  • Single US Powerball ticket: ₹295
  • Three US Powerball tickets: ₹250 each (15% discount)
  • Seven US Powerball tickets: ₹210 each (29% discount)
  • Subscription to the lottery: ₹210 per ticket (29% discount)

On top of this, you can choose between two welcome bonuses as a new player:

What Are the Payment Methods?

Lottofy provides a good range of Indian-friendly payment methods, including the following:

Is There an App?

There are both Android and iOS apps available at Lottofy. You can easily download these apps here:

App for Android users:

  • Visit the lottofy website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Click the “Available for Android” button.
  • On the next page, click the “Available for Android” button again to download the app.
  • Install on your device and start playing.

App for iOS users

  • On your iOS device, go to the Apple Store.
  • Search for the Lottofy app.
  • Download, install, and start playing!
Download the Lottofy App

Other Products to Gamble on

Along with its lotteries from around the world, Lottofy has a decent number of other engrossing games to try your luck on, including the following:

  • 120 normal slot machines
  • 8 jackpot slots with life-changing winnings
  • 17 scratchcards
  • Live casino from Pragmatic Play

In the live casino, players can enjoy table games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Andar Bahar, as well as Money Wheels. These games are played with real dealers and game hosts over a video stream.


Is Lottofy Safe?

Lottofy is as safe as it gets. The site is owned by Clobet Limited, which is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) – one of the most respected license organizations in the gambling industry. The license number is available in the footer of the Lottofy site and can also be validated by clicking here.

Being licensed by the MGA means that Lottofy is heavily regulated and has to follow a bunch of strict rules that protect players. This includes, but is not limited to, protecting financial transactions and having a business model that guarantees payouts to players.

Is Lottofy Legal in India?

Lottofy is legal in all Indian states except for those that have explicitly outlawed all types of online lotteries (West Bengal). Even though lottery laws in India can seem complicated, international lottery sites that are located outside of the country (such as Lottofy) usually bypass all of them.

Is Lottofy Fake?

Lottofy is anything but fake. In addition to its MGA license which is one of the best seals of approval you can have, the site has great player reviews on Trustpilot. Everything from customer support to design and play features also screams of high quality at Lottofy. It is apparent that the site is one of the most serious lottery sites in India by just visiting it.

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