Lottosmile Lottery Review

Lottosmile Lottery Review

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Lottosmile is an identical site to theLotter, but with worse payment options for Indian players. Thus, we recommend checking out our theLotter review instead.

  • Over 50 international lotteries to play
  • Real tickets are bought, scanned and received
  • Up to 45% discount can be had on tickets
  • Syndicate entries available for many lotteries
  • Website is very user friendly
  • Commission-free winnings
  • Fantastic customer support
  • Mobile app to iOS and Android
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Most lotteries must be played in bundles of 2 - 8
  • Ticket prices are comparatively high
  • Good discounts require big investments
  • No gambling products other than lotteries

How Does Lottosmile Compare to Other Lottery Sites?

Using the table below, you can compare Lottosmile to the best lottery sites that we have reviewed and recommend playing at. Simply use the drop-down list to choose a lottery site you want to compare Lottosmile with.

Lotteries to play50+
Ticket pricesHigh
DiscountsUp to 45%
Syndicate playin 12 lotteries
PaymentsPaytm Wallet, Netbanking, IMPS, Rupay, Visa, Mastercard
Welcome bonusN/A
Mobile appiOS and Android
LicenseIsle of Man
Visit LottosmileReview
Lotteries to play11
Ticket pricesLow
DiscountsUp to 30%
Syndicate playin 10 lotteries
PaymentsUPI, Paytm, PhonePe, NetBanking, AstroPay, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard
Welcome bonus2 free tickets on first purchase
Mobile appiOS and Android
LicenseMalta Gaming Authority
TrustworthinessVery high
Visit LottofyReview
lottosmile India
An overview of Lottosmile's website

How to Play Online Lottery at Lottosmile

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Lotteries” and select the online lottery of your choice.
  3. Choose to play a normal ticket, buy a bundle package, or enter a syndicate.
  4. Pick the number of lines to play and select your lucky numbers.
  5. Choose your entry type (one-time entry, multi-draw, or subscription).
  6. Click on the “Play” button once you're happy with your choices.
  7. Create an account in order to proceed with payment.
  8. Fill in details such as e-mail, name, date of birth, address, and phone number.
  9. Pay for your ticket(s) using Paytm Wallet, Netbanking, Rupay, Visa or Mastercard.
  10. Receive a scanned copy of your tickets once purchased for you.

As Lottosmile purchases real tickets on your behalf, it will take a bit of time to receive your ticket. However, once purchased, a scan of it will be visible under “Entries” which can be found on your account profile.

Available Lottery Tickets and Prices at Lottosmile

Lottosmile offers Indians the possibility to play a heap of international lotteries. Listed below, are all of these lotteries with their respective prices. Do note that Lottosmile offers most of their tickets in bundles of two or more, which is illustrated in the table below.

LotteryBundlesSingle Ticket PriceBundle Price
US Powerball3₹375₹1,125
US Mega Millions3₹375₹1,125
Australia (OZ) Powerball₹159
Australia Monday Lotto6₹79₹479
Australia Wednesday Lotto6₹79₹479
Australia Saturday Lotto4₹108₹432
Austrian Lotto (6aus45)6₹250₹1,503
Chile Clasico Loto2₹240₹480
Colombia Baloto2₹283₹567
El Gordo (Sunday lottery)₹384
France Loto₹459
German Lotto (6aus49)₹271
Hungary Hatosloto5₹175₹879
Hungary Otosloto4₹175₹703
Italy MillionDAY₹250
Japan Loto 6₹324
Japan Loto 72₹487₹974
Japan Mini Loto₹324
Kazakhstan Loto 5/362₹172₹345
Kazakhstan Loto 6/492₹129₹259
La Primitiva (Spanish 6/49)₹240
Lotto 649 (Canada)2₹440₹880
Lotto Italia (Il gioco del Lotto)₹501
Lotto Texas₹187
Mexico Chispazo₹90
Mexico Melate₹135
Mexico Melate Retro4₹90₹360
New Zealand Lotto4₹86₹344
New Zealand Powerball4₹184₹737
Ontario 495₹146₹733
Oz Lotto2₹173₹347
Peru Kábala4₹49₹195
Peru Tinka3₹195₹585
Philippines Grand Lotto 6/553₹73₹219
Philippine Lotto 6/423₹73₹219
Philippine Mega Lotto 6/453₹73₹219
Philippine Super Lotto 6/493₹73₹219
Philippine Ultra Lotto 6/583₹73₹219
Poland Mini Lotto2₹68₹136
Polish Lotto₹136
Portugal Totoloto3₹208₹626
Romania Joker2₹190₹380
Romania Loto 6493₹227₹683
South Africa Daily Lotto4₹36₹145
South Africa Lotto 6/522₹72₹145
South Africa Powerball2₹72₹145
Texas Cash Five2₹187₹375
Texas Two Step2₹187₹375
Ukraine Loto Maxima3₹64₹193
Ukraine Megalot4₹64₹258
Ukraine Super Loto3₹97₹290
All lottery tickets and prices available at Lottosmile

Quick Price Comparison

Lottery tickets at Lottosmile are quite expensive, which can be seen in the table below. Here, we have compared the prices of five lotteries between Lottosmile and three of our highest-rated lottery sites in India.

US Powerball₹375₹300₹290₹295
German Lotto₹271₹96₹126₹100
Lottosmile's ticket prices compared to other lottery sites

While it is true that Lottosmile offers the possibility to get a huge discount (up to 45%), only a small number of players will have a chance at coming close to this as it requires a huge investment. The common player may get a 20% discount, but even with such a discount prices are better at other sites.

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How and Where do I Find the Lottery Result?

lottosmile lottery results
Where to find the lottery results at Lottosmile

Lottosmile always provides results for all of their lotteries directly on the website. Simply click on the “Results & Info” tab in the menu of the site to view them. All of the winning numbers in the most recent draws will be visible.

You can also click on a specific draw to see the prizes that were paid for it and the number of people who won. Historic results are also available, which can be browsed by selecting a specific date.

As an alternative, you can always find the latest lottery results here on OnlineLottoBaba.

What Is the Type of Lottery Format?

Lottosmile offers a ticket messenger service where real tickets are bought on your behalf. When you buy a ticket, Lottosmile will send a request to an agent in the country in which the lottery is held who will physically buy a real ticket using the numbers you have selected. This ticket will then be scanned and uploaded to your online lottery account at Lottosmile as proof of purchase.

Is Syndicate Betting Supported?

It is indeed. Lottosmile lets you join a syndicate in 12 of their lotteries, which gives you an increased chance of winning. The size of each syndicate varies from one lottery to another. Some have as many as 150 shares with 200 lines played while others only have 20 shares with 40 lines played.

You can also find so-called “bundles” which are syndicate entries combined with an entry of your own at a discount price.

Is There a VIP/Loyalty Program?

Lottosmile offers a 5-tier loyalty program where 2.5% – 20% discounts can be had on ticket purchases. The status of your loyalty tier is determined by the amount of money you spend on tickets during each 3 month period. Refer to the below table for more info.

Loyalty TierWager Needed (3-month period)Discount
Loyalty levels and discounts at Lottosmile

While a 20% discount off the loyalty program is great (considering more discounts can be had at the site), this would only be reachable by players who are willing to invest a lot of money playing the lottery.

In addition to the loyalty program, players can also get a 15%, 20%, or 25% discount for entering 5, 10, or 52 draws in advance. If you rather subscribe to have tickets automatically bought for you every week, this also comes with a discount of 14% since every 7th ticket would be free.

What Are the Payment Methods?

One of Lottosmile’s biggest drawbacks is that UPI isn't supported as a payment method. However, it is possible to purchase a ticket using NetBanking, Rupay, Visa, Mastercard and Paytm Wallet. The latter option is rarely supported at lottery sites, which makes Lottosmile quite unique.

How to Download Lottosmiles Android and iOS app

Lottosmile doesn't have a mobile app on its own. However, the site is identical to theLotter which does. In other words, while you aren't able to download an app to play at Lottosmile, you can sign up for an account at theLotter and play at this site for the same, slightly improved experience. There are Android as well as iOS versions available of the app.

Download the Android App

  1. Visit this link.
  2. Download and install the APK file.
  3. Login to your Lottosmile account and play!

Download the iOS App

  1. Go to the Apple app store.
  2. Search for the app.
  3. Download, install, and log in to your account to play!

Other Products to Gamble on

While Lottosmile has a large number of lotteries to choose from, that’s where the choice stops. There are no other gambling options at Lottosmile India.


Is Lottosmile Safe?

Lottosmile is considered safe to play at. It is legitimately licensed by the Isle of Man and also owned by the same people that run theLotter which is licensed by the MGA. Both of these license organizations are highly reputable. They serve to protect players in terms of making safe transactions and guaranteeing the payout of winnings.

As expected, Lottosmile's website is SSL encrypted. They also allow players to set daily, weekly, and monthly limits on their deposits as a way to promote responsible gambling.

Is Lottosmile Legal in India?

Lottosmile is legal to play in India in all states except for those that have explicitly put a ban on all types of online lotteries (only West Bengal).

Is Lottosmile Fake?

Lottosmile is not fake. It's a legit website that derives from theLotter which has been in operation since 2012 and has a great player reputation and plenty of winner stories. The sites are more or less identical to each other and are just two different platforms to get the same experience.

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