For those who have a passion for Satta Matka, Tara Matka is a term that would surely ring a bell. This game is popular in the Indian street gambling market, but accurate information about it can be hard to come by online.

To understand the nitty-gritty of Tara Satta Matka, we have consulted local gambling experts and compiled a list of the top 22 questions with insightful answers to each. Let’s get started.

Tara Satta Matka

1. What Is Tara Matka?

Tara Matka falls under the umbrella of Satta Matka, a form of lottery that involves predicting two random numbers between 0 and 9 in two rounds of drawing cards.

The winner, also known as the Matka King, correctly guesses the numbers and earns the title. This game is played every day – Monday through Sunday. The opening draw takes place between 1:40 PM and 3:12 PM, and the closing draw between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM.

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It should be noted that Tara Matka is similar to other forms of Satta Matka, with the only difference being the timing.

In fact, to run the same kind of lotteries at different hours during the day, matka organizers come up with different game names. Tara Matka is just one among the many. Nevertheless, it is one of the most widely played Satta Matka games in modern times.

2. Is It Legal?

Tara Matka, along with other single-digit lotteries and Satta Matka games in India, is considered illegal across the country. It is important to note that no foreign lottery websites currently offer an online version of the Tara Matka lottery that can be deemed legal.

It is crucial to understand that participating in or organizing the Tara Matka lottery could result in criminal charges and legal consequences. The penalties for organizing such lotteries include a monetary fine of ₹200 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months.

Similarly, playing Tara Matka carries a monetary penalty of ₹100 and/or imprisonment for up to 2 months. Therefore, it is highly recommended to avoid any involvement in Tara Matka or any other illegal gambling activities in India to prevent any legal repercussions.

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3. How Is It Played?

Tara Matka rules are the same as that of traditional Satta Matka. The lottery consists of two draws – open and close, also referred to as day and night.

During each draw, players place bets on the possibility of a single number from 0 to 9 appearing. This number is the sum of the values of three cards that are randomly drawn during the draw.

To illustrate, if in the opening draw the cards – 2, 3, and 4 appear, the resulting number for that draw would be the sum of these cards, which is 9. Similarly, in the closing draw, if the three cards – 1, 2, and 5 are drawn, the resulting number would be 8.

A player who accurately predicts the number 9 in the opening draw would win it. Similarly, if they are able to predict the number 8 in the closing draw, they would win that draw and the overall game, too.

In the above case, the sequence for the Tara Matka lottery is 2, 3, 4*9 X 8*1, 2, 5. Players can bet on the Jodi, which refers to the pair of two digits, 98, and on the sequence of the three cards in each draw, i.e. 2,3,9 and/or 1,2,5.

Overall, Tara Matka follows a simple yet exciting gameplay, where players can test their luck and skills in predicting the outcome of each round.

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4. What Is the Meaning of Tara Matka Open?

The term ‘Tara Matka Open’ refers to the first draw of the game, also known as the opening round or day round.

During this round, three cards are randomly drawn, and players place their bets on the possibility of a single number from 0 to 9 appearing as the sum of the values of these cards. The player who accurately predicts the number wins the round.

This single number is published as the Tara Matka open result. The open draw in Tara Satta Matka sets the stage for the closing round or night round, where players can place their bets on another set of three cards to determine the final outcome.

5. What Is the Meaning of Tara Matka Close?

The term ‘Tara Matka Close’ refers to the second draw of the game, also known as the closing round or night round. Similar to the opening draw, three cards are randomly drawn in this round.

Once again, players bet on the possibility of a single number from 0 to 9 appearing as the sum of the values of these three cards. Accurate prediction lands a win.

The single number in the closing draw is published as the Tara Matka close result. It marks the end of a full game of Tara Matka for that particular day as well as gives the Jodi (pair) and the closing pana to bet on. Both rounds are repeated the next day in a different game of this Satta Matka form.

6. What Is the Meaning of Tara Day Matka?

Tara Day Matka is another way to refer to the opening round of the Tara Matka lottery game. It doesn’t have any other meaning. The Day round sees three cards randomly drawn.

Players bet on the possibility of the sum of the values of these cards being any number from 0 to 9. As already mentioned, this is the first step toward determining the final result of the game. The word ‘Day’ is used because this round usually happens during the daytime.

7. What Is the Meaning of Tara Night Matka?

Tara Night Matka is another name for the closing round of the Tara Matka lottery game. It is the second and final round where three cards are randomly drawn and players bet on the possibility of the sum of these cards being any number from 0 to 9. The word ‘Night’ is used because the round usually happens during the nighttime hour.

8. What Is the Meaning of Tara Morning Matka?

Some players, organizers, and Satta Matka result publishers refer to the opening draw of the lottery as Tara Morning Matka. It has the same meaning as Tara Matka Open and Tara Day Matka.

9. What Is the Meaning of Tara Mumbai Day?

Certain players, organizers, and Satta Matka result publishers refer to Tara Matka as Tara Mumbai. This is due to the fact that Satta Matka originated in the city of Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay). Tara Mumbai Day refers to the opening round of the lottery. It has the same meaning as Tara Matka Open, Tara Day Matka, and Tara Morning Matka.

10. What Is the Meaning of Tara Mumbai Night?

Certain Satta Matka players and organizers, who prefer calling the game Tara Matka as Tara Mumbai, term the closing round of the lottery Tara Mumbai Night. There is no other meaning to it and it should be considered a different game. It is the same as Tara Matka Close and Tara Night Matka.

11. Can Tara Matka Be Played Live Online?

Currently, there is no way to play Tara Matka live online. The offline version is considered an illegal form of gambling in India and the online version doesn’t exist. If any matka organizer tries to reach out to you to request participation in live Tara Matka, think twice before committing any money.

12. How to Check Tara Matka Result?

Tara Matka results for the opening or closing draw are announced by the organizers either offline or on various Satta Matka websites, the legitimacy of which is rather questionable.

There is no appropriate or easily available way of accessing the list of winners until you are in direct contact with the organizers. Even then, there is no guarantee that your winnings will be paid and you cannot do anything about it.

13. How to Read a Tara Matka Chart?

A Tara Matka chart, also known as a panel chart, lists the results of both draws and is easy to read. Before we explain, check out what it looks like:


As seen in the chart, draws take place every day. The 6 numbers in smaller fonts arranged horizontally in two lines in a group of three, represent the three cards each drawn during the opening and closing rounds.

The two-digit number between them represents the Jodi. The first number in the Jodi is the summation of the 3 numbers of the opening draw. The second number is the summation of the 3 numbers in the closing draw.

Please note that if the sum of the three numbers is a double-digit number, the last digit is considered for the Jodi. If a Jodi has the same numbers (e.g. 77) or cut numbers with 5 as their difference (e.g 72), it is marked in red. Bets on such Jodis are not paid out.

14. What Is a Tara Matka Jodi Chart?

A Tara Matka Jodi chart is a result chart that lists only the Jodis of each game. The three numbers in the opening and closing draw respectively aren’t shown in it.

15. How Does Tara Matka Guessing Work?

Tara Matka guessing involves predicting the two digits that will appear in the opening and closing rounds of the lottery. There is no definite method to playing this game of chance, as it primarily depends on one's intuition and luck. So, if someone is trying to sell you guessing tips for Tara Matka, know that it’s just snake oil.

16. Is Indian Tara Matka the Only Version of the Game?

Indian Tara Matka is the only version of the game. The term ‘Indian’ here means the Tara Matka game that is of Indian origin. Currently, this game has no other version offline as well as online.

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17. Is Tara Matka the Same as Fix Fix Wapka?

Fix Fix Wapka, also known as Fix Fix Fix Wapka is just another Matka game with a different (and weird-sounding) name. It is different from Tara Matka in terms of timing and possibly the payout. But the basic rules are the same.

18. Is Tara Matka Same as DpBoss Matka?

Tara Matka and Dpboss Matka are two different things altogether, although both are related to Satta Matka lottery. While Tara Matka denotes a single-digit Matka game, Dpboss is a Matka website that publishes results of popular Matka games, allows enthusiasts to post guessing numbers, as well as lets them play Matka online via an app. Both Tara Matka and Dpboss are, however, illegal.

19. Kalyan or Tara Matka – Which Is a Better Satta Matka Game?

Both Kalyan Matka and Tara Matka are popular variations of Satta Matka. They differ in names and timing, and possibly in certain rules and payout. However, the basics are the same – players need to correctly guess the sum of 3 drawn numbers once in the opening round and then again in the closing round to win.

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20. Is there Any Legit Tara Matka App?

At present, there are no legit Tara Matka applications available. The websites and mobile apps claiming to provide such services are operated by anonymous individuals and groups, engaging in illegal activities.

These sites are poorly developed, and their content is of low quality, failing to meet basic standards. Moreover, these illegal apps are not available on Play Stores, making it impossible to conduct online transactions for purchasing tickets.

The only function of these illegal platforms is to provide results of offline Matka games, which are held without any legal framework.

21. What are the Best Tara Matka Tips and Tricks?

These are the best Tara Matka tips and tricks we have for you:

  • Avoid playing the game because it’s not legit.
  • Even if you play, do not bet more than what you can afford to lose.
  • If you end up losing, do not make an attempt to chase your losses.
  • Always remember that Tara Matka games are based on luck.

22. What Are the Legal Alternatives?

There are three legal alternatives to Tara Matka:

  • International lotteries
  • Matka-like online lotteries
  • Live Matka games

By opting for international lotteries, such as the US Powerball, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot and MegaMillions, you can enjoy legal online lottery gaming experiences right from your home in India.

To participate, all you need to do is register on the preferred lottery site, make a deposit, and purchase your entries. You can either buy an official ticket via online lottery agents or bet on the outcome via lottery betting sites.

Below are some of the top-rated online lottery sites for your reference.

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However, if you're interested in enjoying authentic Matka without facing any legal repercussions, there is an alternative option you can consider. Some international lottery betting sites offer online Matka-like lotteries that closely resemble the traditional format.

These lotteries are considered legitimate since they are hosted by foreign sites that are not bound by Indian lottery and gambling laws.

One such game that you can check out is Jhatka Matka, which is offered exclusively by Lottoland. This game follows all the rules of traditional Satta Matka, making it a great option for those looking for a similar experience.


The third option is to play live Matka games that are similar to Satta Matka and can be played against a real human dealer. The game sessions are streamed live from a remote studio and players follow all the rules of Matka – i.e. guessing the sum of the values of three cards that are drawn during the opening and closing rounds.

Currently, only two such games are available online:

  • Live Matka by Aura eGaming
  • Worli Matka by Royal Gaming

These Matka games can be played at JungliWIN.