Australia Wednesday Lotto

Australia Wednesday Lotto

Price per line: From ₹80
Min jackpot: ₹5.4 Crores
Record win: ₹5.4Crores

Play Australia Wednesday Lotto Online From India
Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

The Australia Wednesday Lotto, which also runs on Mondays as the Australia Monday Lotto is a popular 6/45 lotto with a fixed jackpot of AUD 1 million (₹5.4 Crore). With 1:8,145,060 chances of hitting the jackpot, this lotto has the best winning odds compared to other lotteries that can be played online. A ticket to it is also very affordable.

Currently, the best sites selling the cheapest tickets to the Australia Wednesday Lotto online to India players are listed below:

PosLottery SiteCost per LinePurchase Here
1TheLotter₹80Buy Tickets
2Lottosmile₹80Buy Tickets
3LottoAgent₹95Buy Tickets
Ticket prices to the Australia Wednesday Lotto compared between lottery sites

Despite the great jackpot odds, the Australia Wednesday Lotto is only available at a handful of legit lotto sites that Indian players can make use of. While more sites exist, we take pride in only recommending those of high quality that we have thoroughly tested and reviewed.

For instance, all of the above sites have gaming licenses from well-known gambling organizations throughout the world. Information about these licenses is usually found at the bottom of the lotto site, making it easy to verify their legitimacy. However, we also get in touch with the sites ourselves to make sure what they claim is true.

We also pay attention to a site's user safety and security. The websites we suggest have advanced security mechanisms in place to protect user data and financial transactions. For your convenience, they also offer great customer care, often provided as live chat support available most of the day.

While the Australia Wednesday Lottery has some of the most affordable lotto tickets online, the sites we suggest also have discounts that would further lower the price if made use of. At LottoAgent, you can also find a syndicate option, which will increase your chances of winning by pooling together your tickets with other players.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

If you want to play the Australia Wednesday Lotto in India, prices will vary depending on the site you go to and could also vary depending on the current currency exchange rate.

As the table above shows, tickets for this lottery are quite inexpensive compared to other international lotteries. It is one of the few lotteries that sell tickets for less than a hundred rupees.

An original ticket bought in Australia, on the other hand, would cost you $0.55 plus the agent's fee.

How to Buy Australia Wednesday Lotto Tickets On a Lotto Site

To buy a ticket to the Australia Wednesday Lotto, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to a lottery site of your choice that offers the Australia Wednesday lottery.
  2. Create a personal account by filling in details requested in a signup form.
  3. Navigate to the Australia Wednesday Lotto and select your lucky numbers.
  4. Pay for your ticket via any of the payment methods available at the site.
  5. A receipt of the purchase is instantly added to your account, along with an e-mail confirmation.

Please note that in order to buy a ticket to the Australia Wednesday Lotto you must be at least 18 years old. This is not only a requirement that each lottery site has, but it is also the legal gambling age in India.

How to Play Australia Wednesday Lotto Lottery Online

To play the Australia Wednesday Lotto online, keep this in mind:

  • You need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 45.
  • You can participate in the next draw, as well as pre-buy tickets for many upcoming ones.
  • One or several tickets can be bought for each draw. Sometimes discounts apply for big buys.
  • The Australia Wednesday Lotto can be played in a syndicate for an increased chance of winning
  • You can subscribe to the lottery to automatically receive new tickets. This may give you a discount.

Note that not all lottery sites will offer the above play features.

During the draw, two supplemental numbers are chosen in addition to six main numbers. These supplemental numbers are drawn from the same barrel of numbers as the first six. As can be seen below, hitting them is required to win certain prizes in the lottery.

How to Win the Australia Wednesday Lotto

The jackpot of the Australia Wednesday Lotto is unique from most other lotteries in the sense that it doesn't ever roll over. It is always offering a fixed prize of AUD 1 million (₹5.4 Crore).

What's more, the jackpot is not always split between multiple winners. Up to four winners can win the entire amount of AUD 1 million. If there are more than four jackpot winners, on the other hand, the AUD 4 million prize would be split evenly among them.

The odds of winning any prize in the Australia Wednesday Lotto are 1:85, which is one of the worst among all lotteries. This is balanced out by the jackpot which has one of the best at approximately 1 in 8 million.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

SN = Supplementary Number

PrizeMatchPayout in AUD *Payout in INR *Odds
1st6$1,000,000₹5.4 Crore1 in 8,145,060
2nd5 + 1 SN$5,500₹3 Lakh1 in 678,755
3rd5$450₹24,0001 in 36,689
4th4$25₹1,3501 in 733
5th3 + 1 SN$15₹8101 in 297
6th1 + 2 SN$15₹8101 in 144
Prizes in the Australia Wednesday Lotto and the odds of winning them

* Prizes in the lottery will vary from one draw to another based on how many tickets are sold and how many people win. The listed payouts are an estimation based on statistics from previous Australia Wednesday Lotto draws.

** The column stating the payout in Rupees is an estimation based on the current currency exchange from AUD to INR.


When Is the Lottery Draw Held?

As implied by the name, the Australia Wednesday Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday at 8:30 PM AEST (4:00 pm IST the same day). 

How to Check the Latest Australia Wednesday Lotto Draw Result

There are many ways to check the latest results for the Australia Wednesday Lotto. One is to do it right here on our site as we have a dedicated section for it. Shortly after each draw, we publish the winning numbers as well as the money paid out for each prize tier.