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Max win: ₹80K a day for life
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Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

As the name suggests, Cash4Life provides players with a unique chance of winning cash prizes up to $1,000 every single day for life! It is an American lottery, the tickets to which can be purchased in ten states across the country since June 2014. Previously drawn only on Mondays and Thursdays, it is now drawn every night giving players the opportunity to try out their luck afresh every day and possibly change their lives forever.

Cash4Life tickets can be bought in India via online lotto sites. We have sorted for you the best lottery sites in India that offer players a chance to buy tickets to Cash4Life. These sites are genuine, safe, and extremely user-friendly. And the best part, it won’t dig a hole in your pocket while you try to get rich – with promotions, discounts, bonuses, cashbacks, and free tickets!

PosLottery SitesCost per Ticket *Buy Tickets
1Lottoland₹200Buy tickets
2Lotto247₹256Buy tickets
3LotteryWorld₹280Buy tickets
4PlayHugeLottos₹284Buy tickets
5LottoKings₹348Buy tickets
6Lottosmile₹378Buy tickets
7TheLotter₹378Buy tickets
8LottoAgent₹378Buy tickets

* Often these lottery websites do not list ticket prices in Indian rupees. The ticket costs listed in the Rupees column are an estimate based on the current currency conversion rate from USD, POUND, or EURO to INR.

The sites we have recommended above have a long list of pros that work in favor of them when compared to other online lotto sites available in India. While safety and security are the foremost, their reasonable prices are in themselves, a great factor for all players. These prices are also often topped with various discounts, bonuses, cashbacks, etc., especially for brand new players.

These sites, like all others, will either let you buy an official lottery ticket or place a bet on the result of the lottery. While it is extremely rare, you might also get the option to choose between the two formats, i.e. lottery messenger service and lottery betting. The sites we recommend are also user-friendly and hassle-free with fast and guaranteed payouts if you do get lucky.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

A single ticket to the Cash4Life lottery would cost you $2 (₹151 according to the current conversion rate) in the US. In India, it will cost you slightly more than the original rate, but still much less than the cost of actually having to travel there.

Some of the cheapest ticket prices are mentioned in the table above.

How to Buy Cash4Life Tickets On a Lotto Site

When you set out to buy tickets to the Cash4Life lottery on an online lotto site, watch out for as many promotional offers as you can find. Discounts, cashbacks, and bonuses can really help you save money and even let you invest more into placing your bets.

Buying these tickets is extremely simple – go to a site that lets you play Cash4Life (preferably one we’ve recommended above), select the number of lines and draws, choose your lucky numbers, make your payment, and voila!

But before you buy any tickets, ensure that you are of the legal gambling age in India, i.e. 21 years old. Participation in gambling activities of any person below the prescribed age is illegal under Indian gambling laws.

How to Play Cash4Life Lottery Online

To play the Cash4Life lottery online, simply follow these 6 steps:

  1. Choose any lottery site that offers the Cash4Life lottery.
  2. Go to the site and register by filling in your details.
  3. Select the number of lines and draws you want to make. Pick your lucky numbers.
  4. Choose any payment method out of the given options that you are comfortable with, and authenticate your payment.
  5. Check your registered email address for confirmation.
  6. On the site you bought your ticket or anywhere else, check the lottery result on the draw date.

To play the Cash4Life lottery, you will have to pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 60 and a Cash Ball (bonus number) from 1 to 4. It is mandatory to match the Cash Ball in order to hit the jackpot.

How to Win the Cash4Life Lottery

The more numbers you match out of the 5 main numbers and the Cash Ball, the higher your prize will go. The overall odds of winning any prize at the Cash4Life lottery is 1:8, which is extremely favorable.

The odds of hitting the jackpot matching 5 numbers and the Cash Ball is 1: 21,846,048, for a prize of $1,000 a day for life or $7,000,000 cash. The winner can choose any one of the two. The second prize is just as alluring as the jackpot with $1,000 a week for life or $1,000,000 cash.

The table below lists all the 9 prizes that Cash4Life players stand a chance to win, along with the odds of winning them:

Prize positionCombinationsOdds of winning
1st Prize5 + Cash Ball1:21,846,048
2nd Prize51:7,282,016
3rd Prize4 + Cash Ball1:79,440
4th Prize41:26,480
5th Prize3 + Cash Ball1:1,471
6th Prize31:490
7th Prize2 + Cash Ball1:83
8th Prize21:28
9th Prize1 + Cash Ball1:13

When is the Lottery Draw Held?

The daily Cash4Life draws are held at 9:00 pm Eastern Time (7:30 am the next day in Indian Standard Time) at the Cash4Life Studio, New Jersey Lottery Headquarters in Lawrence Park Complex in Trenton, New Jersey.

How to Check the Latest Cash4Life Draw Result

As soon as the draw is completed, OnlineLottoBaba publishes all of the results from the most recent draws, including winning numbers and outcomes. Hence, checking the Cash4Life lottery results on our website is the most convenient option.

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