Price per line: From ₹280
Min jackpot: 18 lakhs per month for 30 years
Record win: 18 lakhs per month for 30 years
Get 2 for ₹560
Tue & Fri at 0:30 am IST
Eurodreams result

Play the EuroDreams Lottery Online From India
Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

EuroDreams is a new and first-of-its-kind European lottery that offers monthly payouts for its first two prizes. Initiated by the French lottery provider Loterie Romande, it is currently jointly organized by eight European countries.

These countries include Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Portugal. Note that these are also the participating nations in the EuroMillions lottery. These are the local operators for the lottery:

  • Österreichische Lotterien GmbH (Austria)
  • La Loterie Nationale (Belgium)
  • Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (Spain)
  • La Française des Jeux or FDJ (France)
  • Premier Lotteries Ireland (Ireland)
  • National Relief Work Grand Duchess Charlotte (Luxembourg)
  • Société de la Loterie de la Suisse Romande and Swisslos Interkantonale Landeslotterie (Switzerland)
  • Departamento de Jogos da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (Portugal)

EuroDreams has been operational since November 6, 2023, with draws occurring twice a week. Each draw is conducted electronically via a Random Number Generator. Players from the participating nations can purchase official tickets offline while players in India can buy a lottery ticket through international lottery sites offering the game.

If you wish to try your luck at its ₹64.64 crores jackpot, check out the table below and find out which lottery site is selling the cheapest tickets to EuroDreams online.

PosLottery SiteCost per LinePurchase Here
1TheLotter₹280 (min. 2 lines)Buy Tickets
2Lottosmile₹280 (min. 2 lines)Buy Tickets
Ticket prices to EuroDreams compared between lottery sites

* These lottery platforms do not display ticket prices in Indian Rupees. The listed prices are approximations derived from the current exchange rates between either USD or EUR and INR.

At OnlineLottoBaba, we carefully select lottery sites for you, which fall into either the category of online ticket concierge services or lottery betting sites.

This means you can either purchase an official EuroDreams ticket online and receive a scanned copy via email or place bets on the official draw's outcome and win prizes equivalent to those in the official draw.

Regardless of the approach, playing the lottery online in India is exceptionally convenient with these platforms. Additionally, our commitment extends to thorough research and extensive testing of these platforms before recommendation; the ability to deposit and withdraw in Rupees holds a high priority for us.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

When you buy a EuroDreams lottery ticket in person at a store, each line costs €2.5, which is approximately ₹225. However, when buying through online lottery platforms in India, the price is likely to go up.

Additionally, there may be a requirement for a minimum line purchase. For example, both Lottosmile and TheLotter need you to buy at least 2 lines to enter a EuroDreams draw. The table above presents a comparison of EuroDreams ticket prices on various websites.

How to Buy EuroDreams Tickets On a Lotto Site

To buy a ticket to EuroDreams, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Sign up at a licensed lottery site in India that offers the EuroDreams lottery.
  2. Access the EuroDreams lottery section and pick your lucky numbers.
  3. Complete the ticket purchase using a payment method of choice.
  4. Get notified with an online receipt of the purchase/scanned copy of the ticket.

The payment options provided by lottery sites can differ, but the ones we recommend typically include options suitable for Indian players. Common choices include UPI, NetBanking, debit cards, and e-Wallets.

If you're new to this, consider trying Lottosmile to play EuroDreams. They get you an official ticket and charge 0% commission on wins!

How to Play the EuroDreams Lottery Online

To play the EuroDreams lottery online, follow these two simple rules:

  • Choose your entry type:
    • One-time
    • Multi-draw
    • Subscription-based
  • Pick 6 main numbers from 1 to 40 and a Dream number from 1 to 5 per line.

Remember, you can manually select your lucky numbers or use the platform's ‘Quick Pick’ feature to help you choose them. You can buy more than one line (read one ticket) and even pick more than the standard 7 numbers via a system bet.

You can enter a single draw with your number selection and even multiple draws. You can play as a single player or even team up with other lotto players in a syndicate. Certain lottery sites offer discounts for entering multiple EuroDreams draws and free tickets for subscription-based entries.

How to Win the EuroDreams Lottery

If all 6 numbers and the Dream number you selected match the ones drawn, congratulations – you've hit the jackpot! EuroDreams offers a first prize that pays out every month for 30 years! There are also additional prizes for players who match fewer numbers, with a total of 6 prize tiers.

The chances of winning the EuroDreams jackpot are 1 in 19,191,900, and the overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.66. Notably, unlike many lotteries, the jackpot amount is fixed and doesn't roll over to the next draw if not won.

For detailed information about the prizes and odds in EuroDreams, refer to the payout table below.

MN = Main Number

DN = Dream Number

Prize TierMatchPrize / % Prize FundMax WinnersOdds
16 MN + 1 DN€20,000/month (₹18 lakhs/month) for 30 years 3*1:19,191,900
26 MN€2,000/month (₹1.8 lakhs/month) for 5 years12*1:4,797,975
35 MN2.13 % of the prize money1:18,815
44 MN34.24 % of the prize money1:456
53 MN63,63 % of the prize money1:32
62 MN€2.5 (₹280) as reimbursement1:6
Prizes in the EuroDream lottery and the odds of winning them

* The prize amounts for the 3rd through 5th categories are determined by subtracting the Reserve Fund (allocated for the 1st and 2nd categories) and the amount set aside for the 6th category prizes from the total prize pool.

Winnings are only available in the form of monthly payouts, with a maximum of 3 winners for Tier 1 (or 12 for Tier 2) per draw across all participating countries.

If the number of winners exceeds 3 for Tier 1 (or 12 for Tier 2), the total prize amount of ₹194 crores for Tier 1 (or ₹12.93 crores for Tier 2) is shared among the winners. In such cases, winnings are provided as a lump sum, not as monthly payouts.

When Is the Lottery Draw Held?

EuroDreams lottery draws are conducted twice every week at 9 PM (Paris CET) on Mondays and Thursdays. This means that for players in India, the draw timing would be 1:30 AM (IST) on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How to Check the Latest EuroDreams Draw Result

The quickest way to know the latest EuroDreams draw results is to stay tuned. The results are revealed via a 3D-animated video at 10 PM (Paris CET) after the draw concludes. In India, the time for the result would be 2:30 AM IST the next day.

If you don't want to look for results yourself, check our EuroDreams results page below. At OnlineLottoBaba, we update results shortly after the official draw ends.