France Loto

France Loto

Price per line: From ₹220
Min jackpot: ₹17 Crores
Record win: ₹255 Crores
Buy for ₹220
Tue, Thu & Sun at 0:00 am IST
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Play France Loto Online From India
Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

Operated by Française des Jeux (FDJ), France Loto is a National lottery of France that debuted in 1976. It's a highly popular lottery thanks to its well-balanced prize structure. The odds of winning any prize in the lottery are as low as 1 in 8, while the chance of hitting the jackpot is 1 in 19 million. By international lottery standards, this is quite fantastic. The jackpot can pay a pretty good amount as well as the minimum prize is €2 million while winnings up to €30 million have been recorded.

France Loto tickets can be purchased in India through a variety of Indian online lottery sites. Through thorough reviews and comparisons, we have listed the best options below, which sell the cheapest tickets.

PosLottery SiteCost per LinePurchase Here
1Lottoland₹220Buy Tickets
2Lotto247₹245Buy Tickets
3LotteryWorld₹300Buy Tickets
4TheLotter₹459Buy Tickets
5Lottosmile₹459Buy Tickets
6Lotto Agent₹550Buy Tickets
7PlayHugeLottos₹505 *Buy Tickets
8LottoKings₹900 *Buy Tickets
Ticket prices to the France Loto compared between lottery sites

* These lottery sites don’t offer their ticket prices in Indian Rupees. The price per line you see is an estimation based on the current currency exchange from either USD or EURO to INR.

Here at OnlineLottoBaba, our job is to help players find legit lottery sites selling affordable tickets to France Loto and other international lotteries. We recommend sites that are authentic, secure, and user-friendly. The above-listed sites are all safe ones that allow lotto fans in India to buy France Loto tickets online from the comfort of their homes.

You must know that the sites either allow you to buy an official ticket to the lottery or place a bet on the results of it – both for the same prizes. While the first option gives you a real, scanned ticket, the latter has many pros such as faster payouts when you win. You can choose your site depending on which option you prefer.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

An official ticket to the France Loto would cost you €2.20 per line when physically purchased in France. However, when it comes to buying tickets to any international lottery online in India, the price often fluctuates widely from one provider to another. To find the cheapest tickets across the best sites in India, refer to the table above.

How to Buy France Loto Tickets On a Lotto Site

To buy a ticket to the France Loto, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to a lottery site of your choice that offers the France Loto.
  2. Create a personal account by filling in details requested in a signup form.
  3. Navigate to the France Loto page at the site and select your lucky numbers.
  4. Pay for your ticket via any of the payment methods that are available.
  5. A receipt of the purchase is instantly added to your account, along with an e-mail confirmation.

Buying tickets to the France Loto is as easy and straightforward as ordering food online. If you can do that, you can play the lottery. Just make sure that you're of legal age before buying a ticket – 21 or older.

How to Play France Loto Lottery Online

To play the France Loto online from India, keep this in mind:

  • You need to pick 5 main numbers between 1 and 49, and 1 Chance number between 1 and 10.
  • You can participate in the next or any of the week's upcoming draws.
  • You can buy many entries in advance – as many as all draws for the entire year.
  • One or several tickets can be bought for each draw. Sometimes discounts apply for big buys.
  • France Loto can be played in a group for an increased chance of winning, a so-called syndicate.
  • You can subscribe to the lottery to automatically receive new tickets. This may give you a discount.

Note that not all lottery sites will offer the above play features.

How to Win the France Loto

The France Loto jackpot starts at €2 million, and if no one wins, the reward rolls over to the following draw, increasing by €1 million each time. This can happen a maximum of 34 times, which would result in a maximum jackpot prize of €36 million! 

To win the jackpot, you need to match all 5 main numbers, as well as the chance number. The odds of doing this is 1 in 19 million. Winning any prize at all in the France Loto is 1 in 7.6, which is one of the best odds you'll find among all lotteries we have listed on OnlineLottoBaba.

There are 9 prizes in total in the France Loto. The table below displays these, as well as the probability of winning them.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

CN = Chance Number

PrizeMatchPayout in EURO *Payout in INR **Odds
1st5 + CNJackpot (min. €2 mil)₹17 Crore1 in 19,068,840
2nd5€70,000 – €200,000₹59 Lakh – ₹1.7 Crore1 in 2,118,760
3rd4 + CN€1,500 – €10,000₹1.3 – ₹8.5 Lakh1 in 86,677
4th4€450 – €650₹38,000 – ₹55,0001 in 9,631
5th3 + CN€60 – €90₹5,100 – ₹7,7001 in 2,016
6th3€25.00₹2,1501 in 224
7th2 + CN€15.00₹1,2801 in 144
8th2€5.00₹4301 in 16
9th1 + CN€2.20₹1801 in 28
10th0 + CN€2.20₹1801 in 18
Prizes in the France Loto and the odds of winning them

* Prizes in the lottery will vary from one draw to another based on how many tickets are sold and players win. The listed payouts are an estimation based on statistics from previous France Loto draws.

** The column stating the payout in Rupees is an estimation based on the current currency exchange from EURO to INR.

When Is the Lottery Draw Held?

The France Loto draws are held in Paris, France at 8:30 pm CET three days a week:

  • Monday (Tuesday at 0:00 am IST)
  • Wednesday (Thursday at 0:00 am IST)
  • Saturday (Sunday at 0:00 am IST)

How to Check the Latest France Loto Draw Result

OnlineLottoBaba provides all of the results of the latest drawings, including winning numbers and prizes, immediately after the draw is concluded. Thus, one of the best alternatives is to check the France Loto lottery results here on this website.