La Primitiva

La Primitiva

Price per line: From ₹103
Min jackpot: ₹20 Lakhs
Record win: ₹10 Crores
Buy for ₹103
Fri & Sun at 1:30 am IST
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Cheapest Tickets to Buy Listed

La Primitiva is a Spanish lottery that is also the oldest lottery to be established. The highest recorded jackpot was in October 2015 after 56 rollovers, when one lucky winner went home with the unbelievable amount of €101.7 million!

If you wish to try out your luck just like the winner, all you need to do is buy a ticket. For all Indian lotto fanatics who want to play La Primitiva online, we have recommended top lottery sites selling the cheapest tickets. Expect exciting discounts, rewards, and even free tickets, waiting just for you!

PosLottery SitePrice per Ticket *Buy Tickets
1Lottofy₹103Buy tickets
2Lotto247₹172Buy tickets
3Multilotto₹216Buy tickets
4LottoAgent₹241Buy tickets
5TheLotter₹248Buy tickets
6Lottosmile₹249Buy tickets
7PlayHugeLottos₹350Buy tickets
8LottoKings₹532Buy tickets

* Most lottery websites do not provide ticket prices in Indian Rupees. The ticket prices in the Rupees column are an estimate based on the current currency conversion rate from USD, POUND, or EURO to INR. The same might vary depending on varying conversion rates.

We bring to you, the best lottery sites in India which will give you one of these two options – buying official tickets to the La Primitiva lottery in Spain or lottery betting, i.e. betting on the results of the actual lottery, and for the same prizes. 

The sites we have listed here are carefully curated while considering various factors like license, security, betting options, and many more. You can also make deposits and withdrawals in INR with various Indian-friendly payment methods. 

If you win playing La Primitiva on these sites, the payouts are guaranteed to reach you. To top it all, there is a range of discounts, bonuses and even free tickets!

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

The costs of a ticket to the La Primitiva lottery vary from site to site, and would mostly depend on the site you choose. It also depends on how many tickets you’re buying as most sites offer discounts on bigger bets. 

To find out which site has the cheapest ticket, refer to our list above.

How to Buy La Primitiva Tickets On a Lotto Site

Buying tickets to the La Primitiva lottery online is as simple as it can get. Start with registering yourself on any site you like for free, go to La Primitiva. Then, choose the number of lines, draws, and ticket numbers you wish to play, and make your payment. It’s really that simple!

Most of the noteworthy sites will include the date and time of the draw and even the details of the jackpot. They also offer payment via lots of Indian-friendly methods that make the whole experience a lot more convenient.

Make sure you’re of the legal age to gamble in India, i.e. 21 years or above before you play the lottery at any site. For better chances at winning at lower prices, try buying more tickets and playing more draws while availing of discounts and bonuses, especially if you’re a new player on the website.

For your convenience, we have even put together a results page for La Primitiva, where you can check the latest as well as historical results.

How to Play La Primitiva Lottery Online

To play the La Primitiva lottery online, just follow these 7 simple steps:

  1. Go to a lottery site of your choice that offers the La Primitiva lottery (See: List with prices).
  2. Register yourself by filling in your information.
  3. Choose the ticket numbers, number of lines, and draws you want to play.
  4. Pay for your tickets via any of the payment methods available that suit you best.
  5. Check your email for confirmation of purchase.
  6. On the draw date, check the lottery result either on the site on which you purchased your ticket on or on our results page.
  7. If you get lucky, enjoy your win. If not, there’s always a next time.

La Primitiva is a 1/49 type classic lottery game, where you need to select 6 numbers between 1 and 49 and 1 Reintegro or bonus number between 1 and 9. That is all about the rules of playing it.

How to Win the La Primitiva Lottery

Your win while playing the La Primitiva lottery would depend on how many numbers out of 6 and the Reintegro number match the winning numbers. There is also a Complementario ball drawn after the drawing of the 6 main numbers is done, giving players another chance to try their luck.

To hit the jackpot, you would have to match all the 6 main numbers plus that 1 Reintegro number. The odds of this happening is 1:139,838,160! Likewise, the odds of you matching only the 6 main numbers and claiming the second prize is 1:15,537,573.

La Primitiva offers 11 prizes to its players, the odds of which are mentioned in the table below:

1st Prize6 Main Numbers + 1 Reintegro1:139,838,160
2nd Prize6 Main Numbers1:15,537,573
3rd Prize5 Main Numbers + 1 Complementario + 1 Reintegro1:20,975,724
4th Prize5 Main Numbers + 1 Complementario1:2,330,636
5th Prize5 Main Numbers + 1 Reintegro1:542,008
6th Prize5 Main Numbers1:60,223
7th Prize4 Main Numbers +1 Reintegro1:10,324
8th Prize4 Main Numbers1:1,147
9th Prize3 Main Numbers +1 Reintegro1:567
10th Prize3 Main Numbers1:63
11th Prize1 Reintegro1:10

When is the Lottery Draw Held?

The La Primitiva lottery draws take place every week at 10:00 PM GMT in Madrid, Spain on Thursdays and Saturdays (1:30 AM IST on Fridays and Sundays in India).

How to Check the Latest La Primitiva Draw Result

The best way to check the La Primitiva lottery results is to visit the result page on OnlineLottoBaba. We update all the results on the latest draws, along with winning numbers and outcomes immediately after the draw is over.

La Primitiva bonus
Play and win up to
₹10 Crores
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Buy for ₹103