Lotto 649

Lotto 649

Price per line: From ₹350
Min jackpot: ₹30 Crores
Record win: ₹380 Crore
Buy for ₹350
Thu & Sun at 8:00 am IST
Lotto 649 result

Play the Canadian Lotto 649 Online From India
Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

The Canadian Lotto649 was introduced in 1982 and is one of Canada's three national lottery games. The lottery stands out for having one of the best jackpot odds among all international lotteries that can be played online.

At a chance of 1 in 14 million, the odds are about 20 times better than the US Powerball. Because of this, you would think the prizes are low, but the jackpot can in fact pay a life-changing amount. It is guaranteed to pay at least ₹30 crore!

If you want to play the Canadian Lotto649 from India, check out the below list of lotto sites selling the cheapest tickets online.

PosLottery SiteCost per LinePurchase Here
1LotteryWorld₹350Buy Tickets
2TheLotter₹440Buy Tickets
3Lottosmile₹440Buy Tickets
4Lotto Agent₹525Buy Tickets
Ticket prices to the Canadian Lotto 649 compared between lottery sites

Here at OnlineLottoBaba, our aim is to bring to you legitimate and genuine online lottery sites via which you can buy lotto tickets to your favorite world lotteries without worrying about getting scammed. All of our recommended sites either send you a scanned copy of the ticket or some kind of receipt as proof of purchase.

For a lotto site to be legit, it has to be licensed by a gaming authority that itself holds a good reputation. The ones we bring to you are not only secure but often targeted towards India. This allows you to deposit, play and withdraw in Rupee as a currency. All of the above sites will notify you if you win playing the Canadian Lotto 649 and hand out your prize swiftly.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

The price of a Canadian Lotto 649 ticket varies from one lottery site to another. For better understanding, refer to the above table comparing the prices of tickets.

How to Buy Lotto 649 Tickets On a Lotto Site

To buy a ticket to the Canadian Lotto 649, follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to a lottery site of your choice that offers the Canadian Lotto 649.
  2. Create a personal account by filling in details requested in a signup form.
  3. Navigate to the Canadian Lotto at the site and select your lucky numbers.
  4. Pay for your ticket via any of the payment methods available.
  5. A receipt of the purchase is instantly added to your account, along with an e-mail confirmation.

How to Play the Lotto 649 Lottery Online

To play the Canadian Lotto 649 lottery online, keep this in mind:

  • You have to choose 6 numbers from a pool of 1 to 49.
  • You can participate in the next draw and also buy many entries into future draws.
  • One or several tickets can be bought for each draw. Sometimes discounts apply for big buys.
  • The Canadian Lotto can be played in a group for an increased chance of winning, a so-called syndicate.
  • You can subscribe to the lottery to automatically receive new tickets. This may give you a discount.

Note that not all lottery sites will offer the above play features.

During the draw, a total of seven numbers will be selected. The draw starts with a set of six numbers and is then followed by a 7th bonus number. Depending on the results, this bonus number will boost the payout for players who matched 2 or 5 of the initial numbers.

How to Win the Lotto 649 Lottery

Canada Lotto 649 offers 7 different ways of winning prizes. If you manage to match all 6 numbers, you hit the big jackpot, which starts at a guaranteed prize of ₹30 crore, but usually rolls over between draws to pay more.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13.98 million, which is incredibly low in lottery standards. Furthermore, the odds of winning any prize at all in Lotto 649 are 1 in 6.6. Refer to the table below to get a clearer idea of all the prize tiers and their winning odds.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Match% Price fund *Payout in CAD **Payout in INR ***Winning Odds
6 Main Numbers79.5%Jackpot (min. $5 mil)Jackpot (min. ₹30 Crore)1 in 13,983,816
5 Main Numbers + Bonus Ball6%$50,000 – $220,000₹30 Lakh – ₹130 Lakh1 in 2,330,636
5 Main Numbers5%$1,250 – $3,500₹74,000 – ₹2 Lakh1 in 55,492
4 Main Numbers9.5%$50 – $90₹3,000 – ₹5,0001 in 1,033
3 Main NumbersFixed prize$10₹5901 in 57
2 Main Numbers + Bonus BallFixed prize$5₹3001 in 81
2 Main NumbersFixed prize$3₹1801 in 8
Prizes in the Lotto 649 lottery and the odds of winning them

* This is the percentage of all ticket sales that go into each prize bracket.

** Prizes in the lottery will vary from one draw to another based on how many tickets are sold and how many people win. The listed payouts are ranges based on a selection of previous draws.

*** The column stating the payout in Rupees is an estimation based on the current currency exchange from the Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupees.

When Is the Lottery Draw Held?

Lotto 649 Canada lottery draws are held twice every week at 8:00 am IST on the following days:

  • Thursday
  • Sunday

In Canada, where the draws take place, the draw time is 10:30 PM on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How to Check the Latest Lotto 649 Draw Result

We have a results page for Lotto 649 and other lotteries which you can use to check the latest results, as well as historic ones. At OnlineLottoBaba, we always go the extra mile to assist you. The latest winning numbers in Lotto 649, as well as the paid-out prizes are added shortly after the draw has taken place.