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Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

Mega-Sena is the largest Brazilian lottery ever. The guaranteed minimum jackpot is R$2 million. Although it comes with only three prize tiers, the absence of a rollover cap makes this lotto all the more exciting. Play the Mega-Sena lottery from India today by buying the cheapest tickets online. The best lottery sites are listed below.

PosLottery sitesCost per ticketBuy tickets
1Lottoland₹120Buy Tickets
2LotteryWorld₹130Buy Tickets
3PlayHugeLottos₹130Buy Tickets
4Lotto247₹130Buy Tickets
5Multilotto₹130Buy Tickets
6Lottofy₹130Buy Tickets
7LottoAgent₹140Buy Tickets
9LottoKings₹262Buy Tickets

* Most lottery sites don’t offer their ticket price in Indian Rupees. The column stating the ticket prices in Rupees is just an estimation based on the current currency exchange from either USD, POUND or EURO to INR.

Every lotto site we choose either offers ticket concierge services or acts as a betting site or does both. This means, you can either buy official tickets to the Mega-Sena lottery or bet on the outcome and win the same prizes.

All these sites are licensed and regulated by gaming authorities of repute. Each of them have a history of creating winners, which ensures your chance at winning a prize. Payment in Rupees is accepted, which makes them the most convenient websites in India for playing online lotteries.

Above all, our recommended lottery sites hand out juicy bonuses, free tickets and discounts on bulk order and subscriptions. If that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is!

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

The price of a Mega-Sena ticket would vary from one lotto site to the other. However, it is usually cheaper than those of most other lotteries. For instance, a Mega-Sena lotto ticket on Lottoland costs exactly half the price of a EuroMillions ticket. In the table above, find out what the prices of Mega-Sena tickets are on different online lottery sites.

How to Buy Mega-Sena Tickets On a Lotto Site

It is super simple to buy Mega-Sena tickets on a lotto site. All you need to do is choose a site from our list on this page, register to create your free account, select the number of lines and draws you want to play, make a deposit, and confirm your purchase. Make sure you are 21 years of age or above because that is the legal age of gambling in India.

The sites we have chosen for you clearly mention the draw date, time, jackpot amount, status of jackpot (whether rolling over or dropping) and other important details. You would be able to enter one or multiple draws and avail yourself of other perks such as free tickets and discounts. Don’t miss the welcome offer.

How to Play the Mega-Sena Lottery Online

Mega-Sena might be the largest lottery in Brazil, but playing online from India it is a cakewalk. You simply have to follow these 5 simple steps to participate in a draw:

  1. Sign up with a legit lottery site that offers tickets to Mega-Sena.
  2. Check the draw time and number of lines you want to play.
  3. Deposit money with your preferred payment method to buy your entry.
  4. Select your lucky numbers manually or via Quick Pick.
  5. Wait for your purchase to be confirmed via email.

The rules of playing Mega-Sena are simple. You need to select 6 numbers from a range of 01 to 60. However, it is a little different from other lotteries because the digits in each of the six two-digit unique numbers that are drawn are picked separately. The first digit can be anything from 0 to 5. The second digit can be anything from 0 to 9. A number drawn as 00 is considered to be 60.

How to Win the Mega-Sena Lottery

Mega-Sena lottery hands out three prizes in total. You hit the jackpot when you match all the six numbers. The odds of doing this are 1 in 50,063,860 for a single bet. Overall, the odds of winning a prize in any Mega-Sena draw is 1 in 2,298.

In the table below we have summarized all the prizes and their odds of winning:

MatchPercentage of Prize FundWinning Odds
6 numbersJackpot – 35%1 in 50,063,860
5 numbersQuina – 19%1 in 154,518
4 numbersQuadra – 19%1 in 2,232

When Is the Lottery Draw Held?

Every week, the Mega-Sena lottery conducts two draws on the following days:

  • Wednesday
  • Saturday

The draw time is around 8:00 PM in Brazil, which in Indian Standard Time means 4:30 AM the day after (Thursday and Sunday).

How to Check the Latest Mega-Sena Draw Result

When you want to check the latest Mega-Sena draw result, look no further than OnlineLottoBaba. Visit and bookmark our dedicated results page where we show the outcome of every new official Mega-Sena draw along with the winning numbers right after it is organized.

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