US Powerball

US Powerball

Price per line: From ₹300
Min jackpot: ₹150 Crores
Record win: ₹16,500 Crores
Get 2 for ₹300
Tue, Thu & Sun at 8:30 am IST
US Powerball result

Play the US Powerball Online From India
Cheapest Ticket Prices Listed

The US Powerball lottery, offered by 45 states in America, is one of the biggest lotteries in the world, known all around the globe for creating epic winners. It holds the record of paying the biggest lottery prize ever at approximately ₹16,500 Crore and on average its biggest jackpot pays around ₹2,500 Crore.

If you wish to play the US Powerball online from India, the below list shows you the best sites and where to find the cheapest tickets – which are about ₹300 per line.

PosLottery SiteCost per LinePurchase Here
1Lotto247₹290Buy Tickets
2Lottofy₹295Buy Tickets
3Lottoland₹300Buy Tickets
4LotteryWorld₹300Buy Tickets
5TheLotter₹375Buy Tickets
6Lottosmile₹375Buy Tickets
7PlayHugeLottos₹375Buy Tickets
8LottoAgent₹480Buy Tickets
9LottoKings₹490 *Buy Tickets
Ticket prices to the US Powerball compared between lottery sites

* These lottery sites don’t offer their ticket prices in Indian Rupees. The price you see is an estimation based on the current currency exchange from either USD or EURO to INR.

The above lotto sites offer the cheapest tickets to the US Powerball online. Generally, the sites that have higher prices offer discounts and promotional offers to make up for them. It's after thorough reviews and comparisons where many important factors were taken into consideration, that we've found the above platforms to be the best sites for playing lotto online.

How Much Does a Ticket Cost?

The price per Powerball ticket can vary depending on where you purchase it online. Compare the prices of tickets to the US Powerball above. In the US, the physical price of a ticket is $2.

Do note that PowerPlay is an optional feature in the US Powerball, which is offered by some, but not all lottery sites. If this feature is added to your ticket, it will increase the price of it, but also multiply your winnings if you win. By x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10.

How to Buy Powerball Tickets Online

Buying a US Powerball ticket online from India is super easy. Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to a lottery site of your choice that offers the US Powerball lottery.
  2. Create a personal account by filling in the details requested in a signup form.
  3. Navigate to the US Powerball lottery and select your lucky numbers.
  4. Pay for your ticket via any of the payment methods available at the site.
  5. A receipt of the purchase is instantly added to your account, along with an e-mail confirmation.

One site that we regard highly here at OnlineLottoBaba is Lottoland. The operator happens to have a splendid deal for new players who are looking to buy a Powerball lottery ticket online. You get 4 tickets at a heavily discounted price. The image below shows you what it looks like. To visit Lottoland, simply click on the image.

This is how you buy and Ticket to US powerball online
Click on the image in order to get to the purchase page for the US Powerball

How to Play the Powerball Lottery Online

To play the US Powerball lottery online, keep this in mind:

  • You need to pick 5 main numbers between 1 and 69, and 1 Powerball number between 1 and 26.
  • Consider adding the extra PowerPlay feature to your ticket to boost prizes.
  • You can participate in the next or any upcoming US Powerball draw.
  • You can buy many entries in advance – as many as all draws for the entire year.
  • One or several tickets can be bought for each draw. Sometimes discounts apply for big buys.
  • US Powerball can be played in a group for an increased chance of winning, a so-called syndicate.
  • You can subscribe to the lottery to automatically receive new tickets. This may give you a discount.

Note that not all lottery sites will offer the above play features.

When the draw happens, a multiplier ball will be randomly selected and either show x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10. If you have added the PowerPlay feature to your ticket, this means that all prizes (except for the top two) will be multiplied by this coefficient. The max multiplier for the 2nd prize is x2, whereas the big jackpot is never multiplied at all.

How to Win the US Powerball Lottery

The big prize, which is the Powerball jackpot, is won by matching all of your five normal numbers plus the Powerball number. The odds of this happening are 1 in 292 million, whereas the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 24.9.

Every prize in the lottery has a fixed sum except for the grand prize which is a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing until someone wins it.

There are 9 different ways of winning the US Powerball Lottery. The more matching numbers you get, the more you win.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

PB = The Powerball

MatchPayout in USDPayout in INR *Odds
5 + PBJackpot (min. $20 mil)Jackpot (min. ₹150 Crore)1 in 292,201,338
5$1,000,000₹7.5 Crore1 in 11,688,054
4 + PB$50,000₹37 Lakh1 in 913,129
4$100₹7,5001 in 36,525
3 + PB$100₹7,5001 in 14,494
3$7₹5201 in 580
2 + PB$7₹5201 in 701
1 + PB$4₹3001 in 92
Only PB$4₹3001 in 38
Prizes in the US Powerball and the odds of winning them

If the PowerPlay feature is in play, all prizes except the top two can be multiplied by up to x10 while the 2nd prize can be multiplied by x2.

*The column stating the payout in Rupees is an estimation based on the current currency exchange rate from USD to INR.

When Is the Lottery Draw?

Based on Indian time (IST), the lottery draw is conducted at 8:30 am on the following days:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Sunday

If you want to watch the draw live, this is possible to do from the official Powerball site.

How to Check the Latest Powerball Draw Results

Here at OnlineLottoBaba, we always bring you the latest drawn numbers and prize distributions for the US Powerball. The results are updated just minutes after the official draw takes place.