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Min jackpot: ₹2.8 Crores
Record win: ₹316 Crores
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11 Best Brazilian Lotteries Worth Playing in April 2024

Apart from the extravagant carnivals, soccer, and rainforests, the spirited land of Brazil is also about lotteries –  the game of luck. If you love playing international lotteries online, you should definitely try out Brazilian lotteries. This article lists the top 11 that are worth playing in [year shortcode].

1. Mega-Sena

Organized by the Caixa Econômica Federal banks, Mega-Sena is one of Brazil’s biggest and most popular lotteries. It’s been operational since 11th March 1996! Draws are held twice every week on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons generally at 8 PM Brasilia time (4:30 am IST the next day).

Please note that the time of the draws might vary slightly owing to the format of the lottery. Mega-Sena draws are at times conducted in a TV studio and at other times in the Caminhão da Sorte Luck Truck that travels across Brazil, letting locals participate.

A good thing about the Mega-Sena lottery draws is they are televised with a 25-minute delay. Of course, Indians cannot watch them. But it goes on to show the immense popularity of the lottery and why every Indian lotto player must try their luck in it at least once.

The rules are simple: players need to pick balls in pairs from 2 spinning spheres so they form a 2 digit decimal number from 01 to 60. The first sphere has balls with numbers ranging from 0 to 5 and the second sphere has 0 to 9 (Passos balls).

Combinations of 00 are replaced with 60. The draw is concluded once 6 unique combinations of the balls are drawn. Online players can digitally pick the 6 combinations on their screen. There is no sphere so no drawing of each digit separately.

All you need to do is choose your numbers, decide on how many draws you wish to enter and buy the tickets.

Please note that you can choose more than 6 number combinations – up to 15. The cost would definitely be more, but so would your chances of winning too. For the uninitiated, the lottery offers 3 prize tiers as follows:

Prize TierPrize Pool PercentageOdds Of Winning
Sena (Jackpot)35%1 in 50,063,860
Quina19%1 in 154,518
Quadra19%1 in 2,332

Please note that the remaining prize pool is utilized to fund other special draws such as Mega da Virada. We will discuss it later on this page.

The odds of hitting the jackpot as well as the tier 2 and 3 prizes have been detailed below.

Numbers PickedJackpot OddsTier 2 OddsTier 3 Odds

On certain lottery sites, you would be able to join syndicates to play Mega-Sena. Interestingly, syndicates, which are known as ‘Bolão’ in Brazil, are a popular way to take part in lotteries in the country.

While a Bolão is usually 2 to 10 players strong, it can go up to as many as 100 players. The share you win is known as a ‘cota.’ Relive the fun of joining a Bolão by playing Mega-Sena in syndicates.

The jackpot comes without an upper cap, where the minimum is approximately R$2 million (around ₹2.8 crores). It keeps rolling over until someone wins it – a prime reason lotto players go gaga over this lottery. The highest recorded jackpot is a whopping ₹316 crores won in 2015!

To play Mega-Sena online, click the link below.

Play Mega-Sena at Lottoland

2. Quina

Brazil’s State Bank Lottery – Quina was launched on 13th March 1994 to complement the main Mega-Sena lottery as a daily draw. This was the first-ever lottery in the country that allowed players to pick their own lucky numbers. Since its launch, the lottery has been widely played and loved by Brazilian lotto lovers.

The good news is Quina is available for online play in India. This affordable lotto comes with a simple draw format and offers great jackpot odds. It is run by the State Bank and drawn six times a week Monday through Saturday (excluding Bank holidays) at 8 PM Brasilia time (Tuesday through Sunday at 4:30 AM in India).

The lottery comes with simple rules where players need to choose 5 numbers between 1 and 80. You win when you match two or more numbers. When you play online, system entries would let you choose up to 15 numbers to increase your chances of winning.

Quina offers 5 prize tiers with a minimum prize guarantee of approximately ₹90 lakhs. The top jackpot to date is approximately ₹250 crores won in June 2016. There is no upper cap for the jackpot, which makes Quina an exciting world lottery to play. The jackpot rolls over until someone wins it.

Additionally, a special draw called Quina de São João takes place in the month of June. The jackpot of this draw is accumulated with 15% of the amount kept for the main Quina draw.

The table below details all information regarding the prize tiers, the share of revenue, and odds of winning.

Prize DivisionShare of RevenueTier InformationOdds Of Winning
135%Match 5 numbers1 in 24,040,016
219%Match 4 numbers1 in 64,106
320%Match 3 numbers1 in 866
411%Match 2 numbers1 in 36
515%Money put towards the special Quina de São João jackpotn/a

Prizes are always paid out in a lump sum. Winners have up to 90 days to claim their prize. However, when you play online from India, you would mostly be betting on the outcome. So, when you win, you would be contacted by the lottery site operators to claim your prize.

Wish to play the Brazilian Quina lottery? Check the link below.

Play Quina at Lottoland

3. Lotofácil

Launched in 2003, Lotofácil is yet another lottery that’s extremely popular in Brazil. Draws take place thrice a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 8 PM Brazilian time (4:30 AM in India the next day).

The rules include players needing to pick at least 15 numbers between 1 and 25. Choosing all the 25 numbers is also possible if players want to enter all 3080 individual Lotofácil bets using different combinations.

This Brazilian lottery offers 5 prize tiers in total. You’d hit the jackpot if you match at least 15 of all the numbers you choose. We have put all the details regarding the prize tiers and odds of winning in the table below.

Prize TierNumbers MatchedWinning Odds
1151 in 3,268,760
2141 in 21,791
3131 in 691
4121 in 59
5111 in 11

Unlike most other lotteries in Brazil, Lotofacil does not offer a minimum guaranteed jackpot. The total number of tickets sold and the corresponding split between the prize tiers determine the value of the top prize.

Even then, the starting jackpot is approximately R$1.5 million (roughly ₹2.24 crores). Also, there is no upper cap, which is why the Lotofácil jackpot almost always rolls over to something huge. The largest-ever Lotofácil jackpot won on 6 September 2019 stands at nearly R$100 million (roughly ₹148 crores)!

Indians cannot participate in the official Lotofácil lottery. However, they can place a bet on the outcome of the draws via lottery betting sites. For instance, Lottoland’s exclusive Gullak Gold lottery is based on the official draw of Lotofácil. The rules are the same and so are the prizes.

Play Lotofácil (Gullak Gold) at Lottoland

4. Mega da Virada

Initiated on 31 December 2009, Brazil’s New Year Super Draw, Mega da Virada is run by Caixa Economica Federal by stashing away 5% of all the revenue generated in Mega-Sena.

This annual draw takes place on New Year’s Eve at around 8 PM Brasilia time (at 4:30 AM on 1st January in India) and boasts of huge top prizes.

Mega da Virada uses the same 6/60 lottery matrix as that of Mega-Sena. A total of 6 numbers must be selected from a range of 01 to 60. The player who matches all the 6 numbers hits the jackpot.

Because this is an annual draw, jackpots that are not won pass on to the next winner(s) in the prize tiers. Overall, there are three prize tiers. The odds of winning are exactly the same as those of Mega-Sena.

The biggest-ever Mega da Virada jackpot was won in 2020 and paid a stunning R$ 306.7 million (roughly ₹472 crores)!

Please note that Mega da Virada isn’t available for Indian online lotto players at the moment. But there are international lottery betting sites that let you bet on the outcome of the official draw to win the same prizes.

For instance, Lottoland’s Mega New Year’s Eve Jackpot lottery is based on Mega da Virada. To play it, click the link below.

Play Mega da Virada at Lottoland

5. LotoMania

Run by the Caixa Econômica Federal banks, LotoMania is as popular as, if not more than Mega-Sena and Quina lotteries in Brazil. The first-ever LotoMania draw was held on 2nd October 1999.

Currently, draws are conducted every week on Tuesday and Friday at 8 PM Brasilia time (4:30 AM on Wednesday and Saturday in India). The location of the draws is set either at the auditorium of CAIXA, the Tietê Bus Terminal in São Paulo, or the Lucky Trucks traveling across Brazil. Additionally, the draws are televised, too.

Playing LotoMania is easy peasy. Players need to choose from 50 numbers between 00 and 99 Yes, it could be exhausting we know. But, the Quick Pick option makes it random and easy.

What makes this lottery different from others is the way you hit the jackpot. You either have to match 20 of the selected numbers or no numbers at all! In a way, you have to be ridiculously lucky or utterly unlucky to scoop the top prize.

The odds of winning any prize in LotoMania are 1 in 112. More information about the prize tiers and winning odds are provided in the table below.

Prize TierNumbers to MatchWinning Odds

This lottery allows multiple entries and even syndicate entries via its ‘Balloons’ system. Players of the same Balloon share the cost of tickets as well as the prize when they win. Please note that LotoMania pays out prizes only in lump sums.

The minimum jackpot value is R$500,000 (approximately ₹74.34 lakhs). Since there is no upper cap, the jackpot rolls over until someone hits it. The biggest-ever LotoMania to date is R$41,253,202 (approximately ₹61.33 crores) won in March 2013.

Unfortunately, LotoMania is currently not available for Indian lotto players online. But given the popularity of the lottery, we hope to see it soon on one of our favorite world lottery sites.

6. Dupla Sena

Considered one of Brazil’s largest and widely played lotteries, Dupla Sena was started by Caixa Econômica Federal in November 2001 after the massive success of Mega-Sena. The lottery is unique because it comes with two simultaneous draws that can be entered with a single ticket.

Players must choose the same numbers for both the draws. The Dupla Sena draws are conducted thrice a week (six draws in total) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 PM Brazilian time (4:30 AM in India on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays).

The rules are simple like those of other Brazilian lottos. Players need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 50. They can further increase their bet by taking part in ‘Dozens’ and choosing up to 50 numbers in different combinations. A ‘Dozen’ raises the ticket price as well as the chances of winning.

Overall, Dupla Sena offers 3 prize tiers as follows:

Prize TierNumbers MatchedWinning Odds
161 in 15,890,700
251 in 60,192
341 in 1,120

The minimum advertised jackpot is R$300,000 (approximately ₹44.80 lakhs). As is with most lotteries in Brazil, the Dupla Sena lottery, too, does not come with a rollover cap. Prizes escalate pretty fast!

The biggest-ever Dupla Sena jackpot won in July 2015 stands at R$25.5 million (around ₹38 crores). The prizes can be paid out in a lump sum or as annuity depending on what the winner prefers.

Currently, Brazil’s Dupla Sena lottery is not available for Indian lotto players. But we do hope it is soon added to the long list of international lotteries that can be played online from India.

7. TimeMania

The TimeMania lottery was launched in Brazil on March 1 2008 by Caixa Economica Federal. Drawn every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 PM Brazilian time (4:30 AM the next day in India) the lottery requires players to choose at least 10 numbers between 1 and 80.

However, to hit the jackpot, players need to match only 7 out of those 10 numbers. With System Bets, you can choose up to 15 numbers in TimeMania to enter every possible combination. The ticket price would rise and so would the chances of winning.

The overall odds of winning any prize in this lottery is 1 in 25. The table below details all the prize tiers of the TimeMania lottery as well as the odds of winning.

Prize TierNumbers MatchedWinning Odds
171 in 26,472,637
261 in 216,103
351 in 5,220
441 in 276
531 in 29

Syndicates in the TimeMania lottery are known as ‘Balloons.’ You enter the draw with fellow players and share the cost of tickets as well as the prize.

The minimum advertised jackpot is R$150,000 (around ₹22.4 lakhs). This lottery, too, does not come with a rollover cap, which is why the jackpot almost always climbs to a higher value.

The biggest-ever TimeMania jackpot was recorded on 12 December 2017 and stands at R$32.5 million (roughly ₹48.57 crores). Prizes are always paid out in a lump sum. Winners have 90 days to claim their winnings.

Currently, Indian players cannot play Brazil’s TimeMania lottery online. However, we can always stay hopeful for the future.

8. Dia de Sorte

Among the top Brazilian lotteries, Dia de Sorte is the newest kid on the block! Launched in May 2018, this national lottery game is yet another brainchild of Caixa Economica Federal. It offers affordable tickets that have the potential to lead to massive wins.

The history of Dia de Sorte (which translates as ‘Lucky Day’) is interesting. Given the fact that Brazilian lottery players are fond of entering birthdays and other significant numbers into playing lotteries, it was started with a view to rewarding them for betting on their lucky month number.

Currently, draws are conducted thrice every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 8 PM Brazilia time (4:30 AM IST the next day). Like most other lotteries in the country, this one, too, is televised as well as organized on the Lucky Trucks that journey across Brazil.

Rules are unconventional and involve a 7/31+1/12 double-matrix format. Players must choose 7 numbers between 1 and 31 and an additional number between 1 and 12. Interestingly, the 31 numbers are supposed to signify the days in a month while the 12 numbers the months in a year.

To win the jackpot, players must match the 7 main numbers. All the prize tiers and winning odds have been discussed in the table below.

Prize CategoryNumbers MatchedWinning Odds
17 main1 in 2,629,575
26 main1 in 15,652
35 main1 in 453
44 main1 in 37
5Lucky Month Number1 in 12

The minimum advertised jackpot in Dia de Sorte is R$300,000 (approximately ₹44.81 lakhs). With the absence of a rollover cap, the jackpot regularly grows larger even though it is frequently paid out thanks to its favorable odds.

The biggest-ever Dia de Sorte jackpot stands at R$1 million (approximately ₹1.4 crores). Prizes are paid out only in lump sums. Sadly,  Brazil’s Dia de Sorte is not available for Indian players online. But hey, let’s hope for the best, shall we?

9. Quina de São João Superdraw

This annual lottery draw takes place on 24 June every year on the occasion of Festa de São João (Festival of St John in Portuguese). This draw sprouts from the Brazilian Quina lottery and offers a boosted jackpot of R$140 million (around ₹210 crores).

As is with most annual draws, the jackpot in Quina de São João Superdraw rolls down to the lower prize tiers if no player hits it.

This lottery comes with rules that are similar to those of the original Quina draw. Players need to pick 5 numbers from a range of 1 to 80. The prize tiers and odds of winning, too are the same.

Currently, only Brazilians can play the Quina de São João Superdraw. No world lottery site allows Indians to participate – neither by buying an official ticket nor via lottery betting.

10. Lotofácil de Independência

Lotofácil de Independência is a unique annual draw conducted every year in the month of September. This is an offspring of the original Lotofácil lottery but comes with a boosted jackpot, which offers 80% instead of the standard 65% of the total prize pool.

With the draw being annual, the jackpot does not roll over. Instead, it rolls down to the lower prize tiers. Just like the original lottery, Lotofácil de Independência, too, offers 5 prize tiers with the same odds of winning.

Please note that the Lotofácil de Independência lottery is available only for Brazilians. However, there is nothing to fret about because Indian lotto players have a wide range of world lottos to choose from.

11. Dupla de Páscoa

Dupla de Páscoa (Double pass of Easter) is Brazil’s Easter lottery. Conducted on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, this annual lottery pays a top prize accumulated from the fund pool of Dupa Sena weekly lottery. It could go as high as R$30 million (₹45 crores)!

The rules of playing this lotto as well as the prize tiers and winning odds are exactly the same as that of the original Dupla Sena lottery. However, the jackpot does not roll over because this is an annual lottery. Instead, it is passed on to the winners of the next prize tiers.

Currently, the Dupla de Páscoa lottery welcomes players only from Brazil. Indian lotto players have to try their luck elsewhere. But, that is easy because the choices are many.


Which Brazil Lottery Is the Easiest to Win?

With 1 in 2,629,575 odds of players hitting the jackpot, Brazil’s Dia de Sorte lottery is the easiest to win.

Which Lottery in Brazil Offers the Biggest Jackpot?

Assuming that we are taking into consideration the minimum advertised jackpot, the Mega-Sena lottery offers the biggest jackpot in Brazil. When you hit it, you win a minimum of R$2 million, which is approximately ₹2.8 crores!

How Are Brazilian Lottery Winnings Taxed?

All lottery winnings in Brazil are subject to a 13.8% tax deduction. However, this wouldn’t affect you as the advertised prizes are after all tax deduction.

Any lottery that is available for Indian players would be subject to the same tax law. However, India shares a double taxation treaty with Brazil. Therefore, winners would either be taxed as per Indian or Brazilian law, not both.

How Do I Purchase Brazil Lottery Tickets Online from India?

You can purchase tickets to only those Brazil lotteries from India that are available online on world lotto sites (for example Mega-Sena). To buy a ticket, follow these 7 steps:

  1. Visit a legit lotto site that offers the lottery.
  2. Sign up for a personal lottery account.
  3. Head to the dedicated page of the lottery.
  4. Choose your lucky numbers and lines.
  5. Add your tickets to the cart and checkout.
  6. Confirm your purchase by completing the payment.
  7. Get an email notification confirming your order.

How Old Should I Be to Participate in Brazilian Lotto Online in India?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in Brazilian Lotto online in India.