Lottery Tickets from Canada

OnlineLottoBaba recommends the best sites to buy Canadian lotto tickets online at affordable prices. We lead you to licensed lottery sites that guarantee payouts and compare the ticket prices of them to help you find the cheapest tickets online.

While the below list of Canadian online lotteries shows the best ticket price for Indians, you can also click on a specific lottery to find out more about it and to find more lotto sites that offer it, as well as their prices.

Price per line: From ₹350
Min jackpot: ₹30 Crores
Record win: ₹380 Crore
Thu & Sun at 8:00 am IST
Lotto 649 result
Price per line: From ₹145
Min jackpot: ₹12 Crores
Record win: ₹12 Crores
Thu & Sun at 8:00 am IST
Ontario 49 result
Price per line: From ₹450
Min jackpot: ₹60 Crores
Record win: ₹420 Crore
Wed & Sat at 8:00 am IST
Lotto 649 result

Can I Play Canadian Lotteries Online From India?

Yes. Some of the lotteries that are running in Canada can be easily played online by purchasing a real ticket through a ticket messenger service or by participating in lottery betting.

To give you a safe and secure experience, we have recommended the best lottery sites where you can buy a Canadian lottery ticket. Simply click on the lottery you want to play from the above list and you’ll find all the info you need.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Canadian Lotto Tickets?

To buy a lotto ticket at an affordable price, simply refer to the above list. The buy price you see mentioned on each lottery is currently the cheapest one among the trusted lottery sites that we have rated and reviewed.

Which Sites Offer Canadian Lottery Tickets?

There aren’t that many great sites that offer Canadian lottery tickets at the moment, but among those who do, our recommended choices are the three following ones:

What Is the Most Popular Lottery in Canada?

The Canadian Lotto Max is probably the most popular lottery in Canada. Its jackpot starts at a stunning $10 million CAD.

The Canadian Lotto 649 is also popular one, offering great odds to win a minimum jackpot prize of $5 million CAD.

What Is the Biggest Jackpot Won From a Canadian Lottery?

As of March 2022, the biggest jackpot a Canadian lottery has paid is $70 million CAD (about ₹420 crore). This has been won in the Lotto Max lottery not only once, not only twice, but several times. This is because the jackpot often rolls over and is capped at this very amount.

Lotto 649 is close to the record holder with $64 million CAD (about ₹380 crore) being won by a single person in October 2015.

Candian Lotteries Not Yet Available Online

There are many lotteries running in Canada which are yet not playable online. These include the following ones:

  • Daily Grand
  • Poker Lotto
  • Banco Special
  • Lottario
  • Pick 4