Lottery Tickets from Ireland

OnlineLottoBaba recommends the best sites to buy Irish lotto tickets online at affordable prices. We lead you to licensed lottery sites that guarantee payouts and compare ticket prices of them to help you find the cheapest tickets online.

While the below list of Ireland’s online lotteries shows the best ticket price for Indians, you can also click on a specific lottery to find out more about it and to find more lotto sites that offer it, as well as their prices.

Price per line: From ₹180
Min jackpot: ₹17 Crores
Record win: ₹160 Crores
Thu & Sun at 0:25 am IST
Irish Lotto

Can I Play Irish Lotteries Online From India?

You bet you can! Currently, the following two national lotteries are running in Ireland and both of them can be played online from India:

The lotteries can either be taken part of through lottery betting where you bet on the outcome of the lotteries or through a ticket messenger service where real tickets are bought on your behalf. No matter the format, the participation is similar and with all of the lottery sites we recommend here at OnlineLottoBaba, it is completely safe.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Irish Lotto Tickets?

For the cheapest tickets to the Irish Lotto, simply click on the lottery card on top of the page. Here, you will find a price comparison between legit lottery sites that we recommend that have the lottery available.

For the Irish Daily Millions, only a few sites are currently offering entries and among them, only LottoAgent is approved by us in terms of trustworthiness and overall quality of the experience. Tickets are cheaper at Betwinner, though we wouldn’t recommend playing at this site for various reasons.

Which Sites Offer Irish Lottery Tickets?

There are many sites that allow you to buy tickets to Irish lotteries, though as already mentioned, most of them only offer the Irish Lotto and not the Daily Millions. All in all, you can find Irish lottery tickets at the following sites:

What Is the Most Popular Lottery in Ireland?

Even though we don’t have any official numbers of participation, the Irish Lotto is probably the most popular lottery in Ireland. It comes with a likable prize structure where the odds of winning a minimum jackpot of €2 million (approximately ₹17 Crore) are pretty great. Additionally, the second prize is quite generous as well (€50,000 – €500,000 depending on tickets sold) and has even better odds.

What Is the Biggest Jackpot Won From an Irish Lottery?

As of March 2022, the biggest lottery jackpot in Ireland comes from the Irish Lotto which paid €19 million in September 2021. That’s approximately ₹160 Crore!