Lottery Tickets from Poland

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While the below list of Poland’s online lotteries shows the best ticket price for Indians, you can also click on a specific lottery to find out more about it and to find more lotto sites that offer it, as well as their prices.

Price per line: From ₹130
Min jackpot: ₹3.5 Crores
Record win: ₹101 Crores
Wed, Fri & Sun at 1:20 am IST
Polish Lotto result
Price per line: From ₹40
Min jackpot: ₹17 Lakh
Record win: ₹85 Lakh
Everyday at 1:20 am IST
Polish Mini Lotto result

Can I Play Polish Lotteries Online From India?

You can indeed. Currently, there are two Polish lotteries that are playable online from India:

Both of these lotteries can be played at well-known and trusted lottery sites that offer one of two ways of playing them. Either as a ticket messenger service where you receive a real, scanned ticket that’s been purchased on your behalf or as lottery betting where you simply bet on the outcome of the lotteries. These two formats are similar and are equally great for buying a Polish lottery ticket.

Where Can I Find the Cheapest Polish Lotto Tickets?

Right here at OnlineLottoBaba! Among the trusted lottery sites that we have rated, reviewed and approved of, we have compared ticket prices to Polish lotteries. Simply click on a lottery listed above and you will find a full price comparison of it.

Which Sites Offer Polish Lottery Tickets?

Poland’s lotteries aren’t the most popular in the world and as a result, only a few Indian-friendly sites sell tickets to them. Among those, there is one site that stands out for its high level of quality and fantastic reputation:

What Is the Most Popular Lottery in Poland?

Among Polish lotteries, the most popular is probably the one that only goes by the name “Lotto” or “Poland Lotto”. This offers a jackpot prize of approximately ₹3.5 crore.

However, the trans-national and famous lottery of Europe, known as EuroJackpot can also be played in Poland. This is possibly the most popular one.

What Is the Biggest Jackpot Won From a Polish Lottery?

If we don’t include EuroJackpot, which isn’t a Polish lottery per se, the biggest win as of March 2022 comes from Poland Lotto. In May 2016, three lucky winners shared a prize of 57.8 million Polish Zloty, which is approximately ₹101 crore.

Polish Lotteries Not Yet Available Online

According to Poland’s official lottery site, several lotteries are running in the country which are yet not available to be played online from India. These lotteries include the following:

  • Ekstra Pensja
  • Kaskada
  • Multi Multi
  • Szybkie 600