Lottery Tickets from United Kingdom

OnlineLottoBaba recommends the best sites to buy UK lotto tickets online at affordable prices. We lead you to licensed lottery sites that guarantee payouts and compare ticket prices of them to help you find the cheapest tickets online.

While the below list of the United Kingdom’s online lotteries shows the best ticket price for Indians, you can also click on a specific lottery to find out more about it and to find more lotto sites that offer it, as well as their prices.

Price per line: From ₹270
Min jackpot: ₹20 Crores
Record win: ₹660 Crores
Thu at 0:30 am & Sun at 0:15 am IST
UK Lotto result
Price per line: From ₹280
Min jackpot: ₹5 Crores
Record win: ₹5 Crores
Wed & Sat at 0:30 am and Thu & Sun at 0:45 am IST
Thunderball result
Price per line: From ₹135
Min jackpot: ₹42 Crores
Record win: ₹42 Crores
Thu & Sun at 2:29 am IST
UK Powerball result

Can I Play UK Lotteries Online From India?

Indeed, you can! There are several lotteries in the UK that are available at Indian-friendly lottery sites. These sites will either let you bet on the outcome of the lotteries or will purchase a real ticket for you.

All in all, the following UK lotteries are available to play online from India:

Additionally, you can also participate in the UK Powerball. This is not a real UK lottery per se though as no draws are physically held in the United Kingdom. Instead, this is an online lottery created and hosted by the independent lottery site LotteryWorld (also operating under

Where Can I Find the Cheapest UK Lotto Tickets?

Right here on OnlineLottoBaba! We have compared prices to lotteries in the United Kingdom and only included safe sites that we have approved of in the comparison. Simply click on one of the UK lotteries listed on top of the page and you will find a list of trusted lottery sites as well as their prices to the lottery you selected.

Which Sites Offer Tickets to United Kingdom Lotteries?

UK lotteries are quite popular and as a result, many lottery sites allow you to play one or several of them. Among the ones we have thoroughly reviewed here at OnlineLottoBaba, our top 3 picks offering UK lotteries would be the following:

  • LotteryWorld – best ticket prices and fantastic customer support
  • Lotto247 – good ticket prices and by far the best welcome bonus
  • LottoAgent – great reputation and real tickets scanned and received

What Is the Most Popular Lottery in the United Kingdom?

According to Wikipedia, the UK Lotto is by far the most popular lottery in the United Kingdom. Every draw has 15 – 45 million tickets sold. In proportion to the population of the country, this translates to every 2nd or 3rd person playing the lottery (though of course, many people buy multiple tickets).

What Is the Biggest Jackpot Won From a UK Lottery?

Among UK lotteries, the biggest prize paid as of March 2022, is £66 million (approximately ₹660 crore). This was handed out in the UK Lotto in January 2016 and split among two winners. Since then, the rules of the lottery have changed and the jackpot can no longer roll over to pay such a huge amount.

UK Lotteries Not Yet Available Online

In addition to the UK Lotto, Thunderball and Set For Life, the following two lotteries are also running in the United Kingdom:

  • Health Lottery
  • Lotto Hotpicks

These are, however, not yet available to play online from India.