Play India Chetak Lottery: Is it Legal and Can it Be Played Online?

The Play India Chetak Lottery is one of the 6 weekly double-digit lottery draws conducted every 15 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM by a private organizer called Play India Lottery. Read this article till the end to find out if it’s legit and safe to play.

Is it Legal?

Chetak Lottery cannot be labeled as a legal Indian lottery for these 6 reasons:

  • It is a privately held lottery in India without the authorization of the Central Government or any of the State Governments. Private lotteries of any kind are illegal in the country under the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998.
  • The whereabouts of its organizers are unknown. The website doesn’t even have an “about” section, reviews, or winner stories.
  • Its Facebook page shows some videos repeatedly uploaded by the organizers that talk about how to play the lottery. However, the entire operation seems shady. Moreover, the social media page says the lottery organizer is Maharashtra-based, but its website is owned by one Mahaveer Sharma from Delhi.
  • It is borderline satta matka gambling with a fancy name. Instead of the usual “open and close” or “day and night” bets, the organizers have come up with “Ander and Bahar” bets. This has nothing to do with Andar Bahar, another card game. Please keep in mind that satta matka has been outlawed nationwide.
  • It claims to be a “100% fixed game” in which the outcomes are fixed. In lottery betting, this is a huge red flag and is often used by scammers to lure in unsuspecting players who wish to get rich quickly.
  • Legit lotteries of Indian origin are all Government-approved and can be played only by purchasing paper tickets. However, Chetak Lottery can only be “played” by registering on its “official” website. With no paper tickets being sold, all entries are online.

Still and all, we cannot rule out the possibility of Chetak being a genuine lottery that pays out the prizes to its winners. The sheer number of people interested in and participating in it would make anyone give it the benefit of the doubt.

It's possible that the organisers operate covertly due to legal obligations, and Chetak lotto may still exist despite being illegal. Nonetheless, it is not your best bet to play lottery online in India.

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Try government lotteries or international lotteries instead. For the latter, we have listed the top online lottery sites that accept Indian players and are great Chetak lottery alternatives:

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Can it be Played Online?

You can only play the Chetak lottery online. We do not, however, suggest taking part as we were unable to verify the legitimacy of the organizers.

It is evident from its Facebook videos that a number of Indian lottery participants have previously taken part in it. There aren't any testimonials or success stories, though. Therefore, it is impossible to show that this is the case. The participation might still be wholly fabricated.

How is it Played?

Before we explain how to play Chetak Lottery, you must learn the following terminologies:

  • Ander – bet on a single number, which is equivalent to “open” or “day” bets in satta matka
  • Bahar – bet on a single number, which is equivalent to “close” or “night” bets in satta matka
  • Jodi – bet on both Ander and Bahar numbers together
  • Crossing – a straight bet on either Ander or Bahar

We are presuming that the gameplay adheres to the conventional satta matka rules, where two single digits are combined to determine the final outcome. You win if you can correctly predict each number or both.

After surveying the Play India Lottery website, we could assume that one can play Chetak India lottery in 10 steps (of course, at one’s own risk):

  1. Visit the official website of Play Indian Lottery.
  2. Create a free account using your email ID and phone number.
  3. Log into the “Play Room” with your username and password.
  4. Choose your bet type from “Ander Bahar,” “Jodi,” and “Crossing.”
  5. Select the draw time (there’s a draw happening every 15 minutes).
  6. Type in the number of hands (1 to 99).
  7. Place your bet on the blank box(es) meant for Chetak lottery.
  8. Click Submit to confirm your bet.
  9. Make the payment online and wait for the results.
  10. Get paid online if you win.
Chetak Lottery chart ander bahar

So far so good. Well, at least theoretically. But, now begins the weird part.

As soon as you try to ‘Submit’ your bet and make the payment, the website will either show a pop-up that says ‘insufficient balance’ or crash showing a runtime error. This means you cannot play the Chetak lottery online without getting in touch with the organizers.

It is also continuously emphasized in the Facebook videos that you cannot put wagers on your own and win; you will ultimately lose. Instead, you must always call Play India Lottery or send a WhatsApp message to them! That T&C is quite odd, isn't it?

According to the video, you may sign up for a full-day (12 hours) game at ₹3000 or a half-day (5 hours) game at ₹2500. In return, you would be handed the soft copy of a “membership bill” duly signed by the organizers. Your name and the lottery game you choose are mentioned in this bill.

Things start to become challenging at this point. What purpose does the paper receipt serve if this is an online lottery at all? The comments on the video further demonstrate how the veracity of the Chetak lottery is called into question. Most lotto players can easily spot a con.

Chetak Lottery 100% fix game guarantee

How Many Chetak Lottery Draws are Conducted in a Day?

Up to 49 Chetak Lottery draws are conducted in a single day from 9 AM to 9 PM.

How Much Does a Chetak Lottery Ticket Cost?

As per the website, a Chetak lottery ticket has been priced as follows:

  • ₹11 per line with a win amount of ₹100 for Ander Bahar bets
  • ₹1.1 per line with a win amount of ₹100 for Jodi bets
  • ₹10 per line with a win amount of ₹900 for Crossing (straight)

For Ander Bahar bets, players must enter their bets on Series B, which represents Chetak lottery. Please keep in mind that Series A through F represents each of the Play Indian Lotteries.

The numbers 0 to 9 represent each of the boxes where players can bet anywhere from ₹1 to ₹999. They can even choose the number of card hands from 1 to 99. Overall, the minimum bet value in Chetak Ander Bahar bets is ₹11 and the maximum is ₹21758220.

Similarly, for Jodi bets, players must tick Chetak from the list of available options and place bets on Jodis (pairs of numbers) starting from 00 to 99. The bets can be anywhere from ₹1 to ₹999. They can also choose card hands from 1 to 99. Overall, the minimum bet value in Chetak Jodi bets is ₹1.10 and the maximum is ₹10879110.

By the same token, players must choose one number from 0 to 9 for Chetak Crossing (straight) bets and card hands between 1 to 99. The minimum bet value is ₹10 and the maximum is ₹990.

Chetak Result Chart: How to Interpret?

The result chart of each Chetak draw is published immediately after it is conducted. Latest, as well as historical results, can be accessed on the website itself. Here is a sneak peek:

chetak lottery results

This is how you can interpret a Chetak result chart:

  • The first digit is Ander
  • The second digit is Bahar
  • The numbers combined is Jodi

What are the Other Play India Lotteries Similar to Chetak?

These Play Indian lotteries run simultaneously every 15 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM along with the Indian lottery Chetak:

  • Sangam
  • Super
  • MP Deluxe
  • Bhagya Rekha
  • Diamond

Does Play Indian Lottery Offer any Chetak Lottery Coupon?

Currently, Play India Lottery does not offer any Chetak Lottery coupon or discount on the ticket prices. There is no welcome bonus for new players either. The ticket rates are fixed and must be paid prior to playing.

Can You Play Chetak India Lottery Online on Mobile?

Play India Lottery offers an Android-compatible app which lets you play its Chetak and all other lotteries from your mobile device. The app is available for download on its website. Although the logo for Google Play has been used, you won’t find it in the Play Store because, clearly, the organizers are not legit.

The mobile version of Play India Lottery is a big disappointment. It does not translate well and the content is rather hard to read. The tickets show up small and the buttons are tiny. For butter fingers who wish to try their luck in Chetak Lottery, the mobile site is a big no-no.

Why We Don’t Recommend Chetak Lottery

We’ll summarize the answer in 10 points:

  • Chetak online lottery is private and illegal, even if it might be genuinely functional.
  • The website is registered under the name of an Indian, which again is illegal.
  • There is no information about the organizing company being licensed.
  • It isn’t clear if the organizer is a company or an individual.
  • No one has ever won the Chetak Lottery.
  • The official website is just a facade, with the real (?) deal happening over phone calls and WhatsApp messages.
  • The Facebook page for the lottery has “scammy” written all over it.
  • No payment gateway is supported on the site.
  • Customer support is absent, and the contact numbers keep changing.
  • The website itself is without SSL encryption and hence not secure.

We suggest playing it safe and trying your luck in international online lotteries instead. They are legit, easy to play, and offer bigger prizes.

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